Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cine Europa 14 : How to Enjoy a Free movie

The best thing about going to the film festivals that are in Edsa Shang every year is that I get to see a movie or movies that I wouldn't have a chance to watch in a regular cinema. The industry can take that as a pun to the kind of movies they have been showing for years with some exceptions in the past few years. Indie films have been becoming increasingly marketable but I hope that they don't give their essence and just make "indie-like" mainstream movies.

Having said that, there is one major setback in the whole free movies in festivals thing, the LINE.

If you are a graduate of UP this would not be a biggie. We fall in line all the time, from registration until graduation. So we have mastered what to do while waiting in line.

Personally I bring a book, or something to read.

 There were times when I brought Eros, my lappie. But it's too heavy.

1. Bring a gadget/book.
If you are a techie, charge up your tablet, smartphone, psp, netbook, whatnot to keep you busy during the hour or so wait.
avoid getting bored
Didn't get a booklet or that cap thingy *tears*

2. Bring a friend.
        This would come in handy when you need to buy something to eat or drink. The best thing having a buddy with ya is for is when you need to go to the loo. That's bathroom, cr for you and me.

shy pa si ate, feeling mo naman manghihingi ako ng fudang wit na?
I try not to cover for people when I am in line but sometimes you meet nice people and they really need to pee. Others would get mad if you cut in front of them and you say that you asked someone to keep that place for you. Btw, this happened while I was in line for Mamut. Some movie buff didn't let another guy cut in front of them even after the guy said that he asked someone to keep that spot for him. The guy behind me asked me and the guy behind him to keep the spot for him. Since we both agreed there was no problem. That guy left the line like twice, one to eat and again to pee. The girl in front of me asked me to keep the spot for her since she really really needed to go to the loo. I let her, I knew how she felt but I could hold it in.

I liked her bohemianism.
3. Bring a date.

Ang sweet nila noh?
I went on free movie dates with Ne Sarang too. And that was like hitting two birds with one stone. I call it a cultural date. ^.^ Free na romantic pa.
I could see a lot of thunders during the weekend. Oldies who love movies, during their time it was a prime date-to-do activity, I guess.

4. Bring the whole barkada

Manong Pendong Club

You don't need to be teens or college students to enjoy a film festival. I call them the Pendong gang. ^.^ It's a good bonding activity and you don't have to pay for the movie. You can't bring your own beverages and food though so eat first before you go in. You would have to leave your fudang outside the cinema.
Food from the cinema store would be ok though but pricey for students and on a budget movie goers.

5. Bring a camera

No, you are not allowed to take pictures of the movie. But if an actress from the movie just happened to be around, it wouldn't hurt to have a good camera unlike the cam phone that I had.
Yaya Gloria in Mamut

I also took a picture of a group who were probably watching Cine Europa together for the first time. Making memories is always good. ^.^

Warning: Do not lie about where you are, Murphy's Law might be on to you. Someone might spot you, someone you don't want to see or haven't seen in a long time. Case in point, the counselor I had during my freshman year was there. He is the reason why I became a gabay. He didn't take such a good care of my bloc so I vowed to make the bloc meeting experience more fun for other freshmen.

Yes, I take pictures of lotsa things. I am stealth like that.

*Please don't sue me for posting them online. No offense was meant for all puns made.*
**all people in the picture are strangers**

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