Monday, September 26, 2011

Surprising Happy Thought

The funny thing was that I was on a bus, contemplating a week of not seeing Ne Sarang, when I saw him waiting for his bus at Boni. I called out for him but he was plugging into another universe (his BM) so he didn't see me. I flailed my hands and caught the attention of most of the people on the bus. I am sure I look like Toni when she said, "I love you, Piolo." Since the bus wasn't moving, I went down and went to where he was. He was surprised to see me and happy at the same time. He told me that he went on a road trip with some classmates. I was happy that I wore the dress Rein gave me. I was in my girly mode that day not knowing I would see him.

I realized then that Ico had better backing than the others. Somehow coincidence or not, the universe was telling me, this boy has better timing. I would have loved to have spent more time with him but I am happy he wasn't pouty over the fact that I need to spend a lot of time editing novels. I know it would take months to finish everything. But I hope he would understand. He teases me that he feels neglected over all that. And I had not been the warmest kinda person when someone ticks me off.

But that day, I felt the warmth of my friend's and co-TOPpers affection and the support of the universe by throwing me a surprise happy thought. At least between me and my adversaries, I am able to smile over the smallest things that come from the big things in my life that they don't have. I don't need the applause of many, I just need to the love of one.


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