Monday, September 26, 2011

Before September Ends

There are a lot of things that needs to be done. And it's October soon.

Things to do:

  1. A video or a blog about a loved one. Ok wait, about two loved ones who are celebrating their birthday or had celebrated their birthday.
  2. Edit novels – finish Claire by the end of September
  3. Clean room – Seriously clean Simone!
  4. Get the to follow gifts for friends who got married
  5. Pay Mom (seriously still working on this)
  6. Think of a catchy male protagonist's name that starts with J R since she had finally decidedt that she can't continue writing My Kimchi Kikay using his name for it. It hurts too much to see his name let alone type it. It would be years before people can say that name without me getting hurt.
  7. Attend Angel & Deo's wedding.
  8. Blog about missing experiences like Cine Europa 2011 etc.

And this is just for the end of the month.

Note to self: Do not leave your cellphone at home. Pa-bo. T_T


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