Monday, September 5, 2011

Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington - FTW

The cast of Zombadings 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington Roderick Paulate, Janice De Belen, Eugene Domingo, John Regala, Lauren Young, Kerbie Zamora and Martin Escudero made my day when I saw this movie.

I didn't care if I laughed too much or that other people seem to be expecting more from the movie than it was willing to offer.

It was funny. I had a great time. The quirky bits that only people who are familiar or have gay friends can get made the movie a feel good movie. Believe me I would never intentionally go into a movie that boasted zombies. I have a strict no horror movie rule. It's a long story but the bottom line is I would like to keep my zombie in my Plants vs Zombie past and not in my dreams.

I hoped that the babaylan information was placed in a separate clip or was placed before the movie and not during the credits. People had already walked out. It was cool to know (but I had known for a while now that effeminate men where considers holy men in the past - well most of them at least). You see despite the images of Lapu-Lapu swimming in our heads about that time, gays have been around since the dawn of time. We only need to watch Amaya to get an idea of how macho the men are supposed to be at that time, but the babaylans (shamans) were either old women or old men. And the most fab of all, some of the men were actually gay.

Like the clip said, they were believed to have the ability to transcend this plane to the others. They are in tuned with the duality of the universe than we ever were.

There are lines in the movie that are prickly and made fun of people who tried to bring down the third sex. There were also some over-generalizations.

The third sex despite having been clout together are still individuals. They pay taxes, love, and have a voice, albeit they can use phrases that are their own. I consider it almost like a dialect, something that other people can understand, can learn to speak but sometimes can be their way of identifying one of their own.


On Hannah and Remington

"Wala kang karapatang tawaging bading. Dahil ang mga bading na kakilala ko lumalaban. Buong buhay nila lumalaban sila." 

Sorry naman daw at nakakarelate ako sa character ni Hannah dito. Well, hindi kami magkasing-ganda pero spunky si Ate. And I had a gay boyfriend too. Yiz, aware ang lola mo na kafatid ang boylet so wit na magtanong kung howisthebecauseofthesomehow nagka-jacksonan, hmkay?

But the thing about my gay ex is that he gave me lessons and I learned them quite well. We are still friends, at the very least I don't hate any of my exes (in general) and I have genuine concern for them. I hope JL got to see the movie. ^.^

I imagined that Janice and John would be us in the future had we ended up together. Kebs, eh di together kumempalar, di ba?

ang cute nito, dapat ito na lang ang poster ahahaha


  1. WOOOH! hahaha.... a must watch i guess...

  2. It's nice not to high brow. ^.^ Maraming kalokohan.


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