Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4- 7 USANA Essentials

Weight : 78.4
Height: 5 ft 6.11 inches

Existing conditions:

Skin Asthma - with help of regular meds : gone (new ones coming out but dying out easily)
Menstual Cycle (no cramps no major problem)
Insomnia (didn't act up)

Apparent physical traits :
Skin condition is not as severe but relatively few changes
Double Chin (still here but not as toady)
Tadpole Belly (still here but not feeling as bloated as before)

Day 1 
Day 2
Day 3

I took the rest during work time. I took them in the morning before my day started. And I noticed that throughout the day, I was for lack of a better term, not as irate as I was before. I could handle my mood swings which was supposed to be dangerous around that time since I was in the middle of my period.

After the 7 day thing:
I discovered that I should have really checked my weight before I started. I would have discovered sooner that I was 83+ kg heavy. But that would have plunged me into a deep depression. But when I checked my weight again I was only 79 kg. I know I lost weight I could see and feel it.

So I went to the Mercury store to check with their machine. I took my old information there so I might was well do the same now.

I am 78.4 kgs! That is 172lbs and 11oz! My ideal weight is around 56.4 to 70.3 kgs! So I have to loose 6 kgs to be normal. But of course, I don't want to stop there. I am starting the 5-day reset today. But because of financial issues after I do the reset I would go back to just the essentials. Watch out for my 5-Day reset entries!

I am a user not a distributor. My brother is. If you want to know more about the products that I am using in this blog entry, you might want to check out their official website. Or you can comment here and leave your e-mail. I can give you my brother's e-mail or contact number. Please don't leave your cellphone number here. I do not control the trolls that read my blog and I don't want your number written on buses or anything like that. ^.^

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