Friday, September 16, 2011

Rikki's Blog

I know a hot girl name Rikki. She blogs now.

She has always been petite and pretty. That's what I remember about her. She's from the same major and most of the girls from our batch were the mix of beauty and wit. No offense to the girls and gays that came after my batch, but I am the BACA '02 rep so I have to toot our horn.

Anyway, she just recently got into blogging. Something that I really recommend for people to do. She asked me about blogging tips. So here goes.

1. Keep your blog clean. Make sure there aren't any autoplaying or flashing flash advertisement.

2. If you are going to talk about yourself, make sure it's interesting.

3. Have a theme.

Sure this is a hodgepodge page but it wouldn't hurt to compartmentalize it a little bit more. If you can you can have one that is about stuff that you are interested in. In my case it's about poetry and prose so I have a separate blog or page for it.

4. Talk about trending topics and add your own twist to it.

5. Be careful of trolls. Make sure you let people comment but don't let them get away with thrasing your comment box either.

6. Be a "first to blog about something" kind of blogger.

For example, I loved free movies at Shang for a while now. I know when things are about to start so I google about it and post it online. The chances of you being among the first to blog fully about and get google more often, would be higher.

7. Label rants as such and try to proofread the rest of your pieces.

If you plan to make it a rant site, do with wit and spunk. It would help if you try to end it with a positive note or some kind of how to not experience this list. (I do that sometimes.)

8. Be a quality read.

If you write what you know and try to learn new things and share it with other people, the internet would welcome you arms open.

9. Choose advertisers and servers wisely.

For most of us html is alien and getting a domain is dizzying. Ask a friend who is good at it and learn from them.

10. Blog with photos.

Blogs entries with photos would help make more visual readers go to your site. Do the same with gifs and video.

11. Share buttons +1 and Like buttons help

It's easier to share your blog it you add it to Networkedblog (see app in facebook) and to share it in blog communities.

Also having a Facebook connected comment box would help have your friends get information regarding your latest entry.

12. Nuffnang or Google adsense it.

If you are using a blog that is not supported by adsense, nuffnang would be okay, I think. I am a WP newb so I don't really know.

13. Link your fanpage or a public FB account. or your Google+ account.

This way you can connect with those readers easily. Also make a "group" to make sure you remember the people who added you who are not really friends but readers. This way you can keep bikini pictures away from creeps.

That's it for now. The rest is actually trial and error.

Good luck to newbs and Rikki! Welcome to the blogsphere. It's about damn time.

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  1. great tips... I might apply those in my blog---->

    I love prose and poetry too... :D


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