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CV =

other stuff you need to read
Tagalog version

  1. Make sure you have a registered account. If not, register using the pen name or name you want to use as your official TOP name.
  2. Join the ROMANCE SECTION: Stories for Review. This is where newbie writers should post their first work and get initial fans.
  3. After joining, go to the FORUMS part of the RS group.
  4. Press New Topic or go to the bottom of the list to see the New Topic area.
  • Title : (of the novel)
  • Content : please your teaser here
  • tags : for review, <title of your novel>
  • click Post
    1. When your story is done, send the file (doc) format to the EIC.

**You will be invited to the TOP Writers/Authors/Web contributors group** Wait for the invitation. Otherwise, be active in the Romance Section first and the other writing groups within TOP.

If you have cover for your story, rename it accordingly.

File format: titleofyourstory-by-author.jpg/png (ex. myheartsbirthday-by-pinaywriter.jpg)

You can also upload the covers in imageshack or at the Dashboard>Media> Add New if you have contributor or author access in the site)

Always remember that writing is a whole bunch of re-writing. If you can't handle criticism (constructive or harsh) then perhaps you need to make yourself stronger. If you get hurt easily then you need to toughen yourself up. Do not shy away from corrections and do not be arrogant against it too. Learn to accept them as a different kind of love. A love that can make you grow as a person.

We shy away from trolls though. If there are TOPpers or admins who are hurting you with their words, feel free to PM then and us (the admins) but make sure that you didn't misunderstand the situation. Be open-minded!

Shortcut: You can send your manuscript to the group raw. But it would be exposed, flaws and all, unprotected on facebook. Send it here via email.

Text: TIMES NEW ROMAN (o something that is close to it) , 12, Single-spaced Justified
Chapter title : Center Bold 14

You have to read the rules in the forum of Romance Section

If you have any questions

or Email me here


How to post in the Romance section

Example post for Romance section

Ano po ung CV?

Basahin mo ito:

Ilang words po ang pwede?

Read this!

Pano po gumawa ng cover?

Read this!

Pano po ung writer na o author na?

If you are one, you wouldn't have to ask. (sungit)
Pero kapag naging member ka na ng TOP Web Contributor/Writer/Author then you can post without a lot of limitations based on your new status in the site. 

We will give you a go-signal when to post the teaser and chapter 1 of your novel. Future official novels will be in e-book format.

Free e-book (TOP contributor)
Premium e-book (written by TOP writers and Authors only)
By Donation e-book (special editions)

TOPpers (by registration)
  • pwedeng mag-post sa activity wall ng groups na member siya
  • pwedeng magbasa (gil-less with gils ebooks)
  • pwedeg magcomment
  • pwedeng magfavorite

Web Contributors /TOP contributor (by invitation)
additional posting power : Can post videos, poems quotes etc as an official site post not just in the groups (poems and quotes should be original or properly tagged with source)

*can post original stories from their fb fanpage or blog into TOP's Romance Section/Okatokat Maluk/English Library

** you will be given more information once you are invited

TOP Writers

  • follows TOP contract rules of for TOP only stories/novels
  • has same powers as Web contributors but with other previledges like copyright protection on books and novels

TOP Authors

  • older /senior TOP writers
  • pioneer writers
  • highest level


  1. hi pinay I want to ask if you also profit with it posting a story is really hard and shouldn't be free

  2. Sounds interesting,.. thanks for this tip, I might be considering submissions over there :D

  3. I used to write short stories but I'am not about romance. But this is a great opportunity to writers who doesn't have the capability to publish their works. :)

  4. Damin naman dapat gawin! ^_^ btw cool post!

  5. @chisair : No we don't profit from it. But some of the writers (two of our admins) are now writers for Chapter for the Hearts. So T.O.P. is kinda like a practice place where one can develop one's skills. Pero hobby site lang siya.

    @Herbert : ^.^ Cool!

    @Sining Factory : Yeah, most of the writers are super amateur so the grammar is usually not so good. ^.^ We just want to give them confidence. Me mga tao na magaling gumawa ng kwento pero needs a lot of help in putting it in coherent form. ^.^ That is where I come in. Marami pa ng akong dapat i-edit eh. My writing hiatus would give way to that.

    @Zane : Tatry nga namin na i-semi-automize by next year. ^..^


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