Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Black Cat Trio

Bad Luck #1 : New encoding system totally ruined my work flow.

I don't know what to put as a comment as it is now adding more time for me to fix things and add corrections since the clickable review selection are not the right one for my student's needs which are usually related to word choice. Also the multiple boxes took more time to place sentences from my template to the student screen. Oh and there was the scare that the reports were not going through.

Bad Luck #2 : New account and kid students.

I thought it would be way behind me since I left E-Lamp. Now I have to be nice Noona mode again. I love challenges like the student who can't follow "Give me a new hint." or  "Please don't read the answer to the guessing game." (BTW today, the lady seems to understand me more. I am happy. So I will work harder to teach her better. If I can make zero level english speakers talk, I can make her talk.)

But kids. They are essentially scared of me. Even the phone is not enough of a barrier. But my Junior student is okay since she is able to speak well enough but outside of the book, she knows very little. So this whole Tarahasayo account they have will just make me flip, I think. God, I hope not. I can handle interview classes all day long just don't give me children.

I might tender my resignation if this becomes a common part of my schedule. Tsss. Though I love my job. Don't.Push.It.

Bad luck #3 : Posting Confusion

I thought the meeting we had cleared all my issues and their issues admin-wise. I thought I knew what I was supposed to do. But due to some misunderstanding, and also them being super involved and attentive to possible security errors or confusion in the rules, I got ticked off. I admit that. I thought, "What the hell, I thought this was already settled?" But I realized that the people I work with in T.O.P. are real GEMS, flowers of the highest caliber. They know how to say sorry and chill without me going over the top about things. I think I would really learn a lot from them, as a woman, as a writer and as an adult who can have fun.

I just  hope they are a little bit more patient with me a little bit longer.

All in all, I blame lack of sleep. I am going home now and going to sleep after I finish dinner. Because honestly, I function better as a well-rested person.

With the new encoding fiasco that is our new system, I would need all the happy thoughts that I could get just to be able to get everything done tomorrow. 340 minutes is not a walk in a park when the other minutes are spent trying not to frack up your reports.

I really need to finish the PRs later at home. I wouldn't want my students to worry. I am just freaking tired. I might sleep on the bus now.

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