Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Debt Adulthood

I am 25 and I still have less than 40k to pay. No, it's not credit card bills. It's what I call mom debts. Whenever I run out of money, I would ask my mom for money and it goes to a list that I have to pay for. But because I have to (yet again) pay 4k for my rent, I can't pay my mom. (I swear if she doesn't move to the room after I clean it again, I am going to have a bitch fit. For real.)

I had so many plans for that money. And now I can't do a thing about it. *rolls eyes* I really really really need to pay off my debts before the end of the year.  Or even just before my bday would be awesome. It would be my gift to myself and to my mom (since we have the same birth month).  I also have plans to go to the gym and that is not going to push through if I can't re-enroll.

I am going straight home later to clean and I am going to line the walls of her closet with what needs to be used to line it. I will do my part. If things still doesn't work out for her, she can just tell me up front and I can find another roommate. Someone not as anal as the ones who I wanted to choke with floorwax before.

Wedding garter or none, my personal goal to start saving some money starts this year. And she is not helping out because of all the delays. I am understanding but there is a limit to my ability to be an adult.

I have plans. I have goals. I might just be becoming less of the Gemini that I was and a Taurus like they are saying I am now. (Seriously, people who take their horoscope personalities seriously are...hilarious.)

I need to be fully independent before my birthday. I need to work hard. I need to pay my dues. God help me. I have bad personal credit. How the heck can I expect to mingle with possible partners in life? Right?

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