Friday, January 7, 2011

800x600 Day

Dear Mr. I am so awesome because I am the IT guy,

You inconvenienced me today. Wait for the karma that will be quaking you in your life. 800x600 is not an ideal resolution for a teacher who needs to open so many things on her screen.

May you hang by your cables.

Yours Truly,


Re: Restart your computer

I have already restarted my computer four times.


Re: Re:Restart your computer

Restart it for the fifth time. ;-)

IT guy

Subj: Ju go le?

Translation: Do you want to die?



Imagine having someone tell you that when in fact you were a techsupport person in your past job. It's so condescending and absobloodyuseful, right? Right? TGIF? FCKMA. Friday can kiss my a** is more like it.

I swear, they best fix this sh*te. Otherwise, they should move me to a different station, one with more awesome features or at the very least a better resolution and by better I mean I MEAN SMALLER FREAKING WINDOW SIZES.

TO Mr. I am a sucky IT,

You are making me break my DO NOT MURDER anyone 2011 resolution. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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  1. The next response will probably be:
    "Use Windows 95, 800x600 goes best with it!"


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