Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lagayas

I saw them when I went on a family trip to Puerto Galera. We took pictures and Cheryl was not one bit like the other girls who dated my friends were like. She was secure in the love that she had for him and he had for her that there was no hint of jealousy in her person. I am sure this might be refuted in the future but I am sure Michael would make sure she never ever feels that after today. That is when I knew that in the future I would have to wear a dress and attend their wedding.

And here we are. It's 3:38 and I am still in Makati. My bessie from elementary school is still not replying to ANY of my messages online and mobile. I am beginning to think her number has a blackhole in it. Oh well, come rain or commuting I am going to Lipa and reading the Prayers of the Faithful at Che and Mykl's wedding. Which is weird because a) I have not gone to church in a very long while that I actually forgot when the prayer of the faithful is prayed b) not the most faithful of the people I know. But it's probably because I talk for a living.

Michael was excited and he even texted me about that. He even mentioned a name that I thought was bizaro. He said Phillip was going to be there. And the person who came into mind was a classmate from SBC then I realized that in an even more weird six degrees of separation, some guy I hooked up with at my cousin's wedding is his school mate or something and now he is attending his wedding. God, I hope I made a mistake in connecting those dots. Let's just say, I might have left an impression of who I was back then on that boy. But I am now twice the girl I was before and less appealing. So I think I should be safe. And since I have internet until five today, I am definitely going to keep people posted on what is happening in what would be one of the best weddings I would ever attend.

I wonder when I would invite them to my wedding. It would definitely have to be both of them. ^^

Note to self: You barely missed getting the bouquet at Zena's wedding. Had you not given it to Angel at the last second. So you need to be careful to stay away from the flight pattern of the flowers for this wedding. So many things can go wrong for you. Forget you center fielder training. DO not stand under the exact point where the flowers would fall. Remember that you had to move away when the flowers at Bula's wedding landed in front of you. So be careful, be very very careful.

Laters!~ Blog you in Batangas.

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