Monday, January 10, 2011

Speak for a living? Pulp it up!- My Minute Maid Pulpy Addiction

When I was in college I had this friend who kept raving about Minute Maid. This guy was a pulpy orange juice fan, I wasn't. I hated how those stuff seemed to choke me when I drank it. Of course it was just natural that I didn't try Minute Maid's pulpy orange juice for a long time, right? Wrong.

Fast forward many years later, I already work as an online English teacher and I have a cold that prevented me from feeling as perky as I needed to be on the phone. All the things that used to work for me wasn't helping. It was difficult for me to get any sentence in without having to mute the avaya.

Lemon juices are severely acidic and since I didn't want to add an upset stomach to my list of ills, I chose the one drink I thought was closest to the natural kind of fruit juice in the nearby 7-11, the Minute Maid orange juice. I expected something that would make my stomach turn and make me throw the pulpy madness away. But the first swig was miraculously smooth and I actually ended up buying more that day.

Safe to say it saved my throat from weeks of coughing. I was able to get my old voice back and I might have formed a slight addiction to it. To date, it's the only bottled orange juice that I drink. Yes, I don't like orange juice that much.

But the fun thing about this pulpy trend is that I never expected they would come up with something more awesome. I love mangoes so I love their Minute Maid Pulpy Mango Orange. I actually drank it for an entire month that I actually had to give it up for a while because it was sweet and that got in the way of work. I have to literally stop my hand with the other one to keep from buying it whenever I go to a convenience store.

Adding to the list of my pulpy addiction is the White Grape with aloe vera bits. (Imagine me getting giddy just thinking about it.) I discovered it when it came out. I love everything green so I drank it for an entire week until I caught myself saying, "Maybe the aloe vera would be good for my skin." Then I realized, I don't like grape flavored things.

So my pulpy addictions broke two juice barriers that I made when I was a kid. The orange and grape juices barrier. Because in a long list of medicine-tasting juice flavors, the Minute Maid pulpy collection is manna from heaven.


How about you? Share your pulpy experience to the rest of the world. Send me a link of your picture drinking your pulpy favorite and I would add it to this blog entry. ^^ Leave the link at a comment so I can check it anytime.




Online teacher's breakfast : Korean bbq by 7-11 and Minute Maid Pulpy Mango Orange

Party Girl trick: Increase vitamin C after smoking and juice up when thirsty

Got lazy buying one small bottle at a time. ^^ PULP UP your LUNCH!~
loves that it comes in green!~
Teaching with MMP! I <3 green btw


  1. yummy minute maid! healthy pa compared to other drinks!

  2. anong favorite mong flavor master foo?

  3. akala ko paid post hehehe! ayos haha!

  4. I guess it might be from being an old SEO writer. Ahahah I can't unlearn it since I plan to do that in the future. Didn't want it to be hard sell. That is just not my thing. ^^

  5. @Noel: Tell your family to take a pc while drinking it and I would add it here. Para masaya. ^^ you can email me the picture or tag it sa facebook. ^^

  6. Interesting post. I might try it when I visit this June. hehehe

  7. i love minute maid- naturally healthy drink!

  8. savor the sweetness:)
    i love minute maid.. goodluck:)


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