Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lagayas: The Frantic Traveller Moi

I loved it and I hated it. ^^

I was expecting someone to be with us there. She wasn't. I was panicking all the way to the point when I realized I lost the copy of the part I was supposed to read. If that thing ever comes up, I might throw away my laptop altogether. T_T

So I couldn't sleep the night before and I was still in Makati because I was too tired from all the office drama that seems to be the "Happy Weekend!" greeting that they want to give us for several weeks now. I tried to sleep because I didn't want to look like a zombie and be too tired.

By the time I woke up, which was four, I still haven't gotten a single message or reply from my friend who was one of the only three people who got invited from out school. Yes, I am upset about it and she can explain all she wants and what happened would still not be okay or undone or could have been able to invite any new people to the wedding in their place. (I didn't understand why there were three empty seats in our table in the beginning. Maybe I had a plus one option. Tss. And well guess who the other people are. Tss again.)

I took a bath, packed my stuff in a backpack which had a broken zipper, repack everything on a different bag, then checked and double-checked everything because I didn't want to leave my gift yet again or any part of my wardrobe. Michael has been my friend since we were in Kinder 2. And I was not going to be late or absent or a nuisance on his wedding. (I kinda failed on the last part. Hehe.)

I had to hope that I would get to Batangas on time and have some way to get to Lipa without having to ride public transportation. I remembered that my dad would be home since it's my grandfather's 80th birthday on that day. (Yes, there was a major event at home that needed me to be there but I was at that wedding because I made a promise, RSVPed and had I been in the middle of dying, I would have asked ANYONE to tell SOMEONE to tell my friend that I couldn't make it THAT DAY.) So my dad agreed to drive me to the Air Base in Lipa.

Fun Fact: One of my lolos got married at the same church. He was an air force guy and he knew my friend's deceased dad when I mentioned it later that night.

So I got there on time and the fun was just about to begin. ^^
I took a bath before I got into a whirl of moving back and forth, brushing, painting my face and wearing my stockings. I am pretty sure I looked like a cartoon during that time.

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