Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Trip out

January 2, 2011 departure batangas: 5:24 pm

I almost had to stand on a bus because of a miscalculation. I forgot that the later you leave from the province, the less likely you would have something to ride. I am not a big traveler and since working for my previous company and getting such a big cut on my cash flow, I haven't gone home due to the fact as well that there had been few weddings to attend and it's not débutante season in my family. 

But this year is supposed to be full of social events and ventures that would cost me a lot of money. Coming into the year, I have to save money to go to Isabela. BY PLANE. Yes, you read it right. I escaped the whole Bora trip last December but now not only do I have to pay for my fare, I also have to subject myself to a family reunion with my father's family. It's almost like meeting the family of my imaginary boyfriend since I have yet to remember the names of the people from my father's side of the gene pool. I have caught a glimpse of them one and I have come to the conclusion that my dad's side got the smart gene. Our cousins are cute and some of the girls that I have caught a glimpse of are ippuda. On my side, the boys and the girls look the same. Exhibit A. I look like my younger brothers when I am wearing a football jersey, big pants and sneakers. But who the fuck cares, we are all from UP? Beat that hot cousins who changes majors like they change mindsets. ^^ I am being arrogant again, forgive me. I want to bring back the old me. The one who is full of confidence that people hate me for being loud and obnoxious. No more compromises in my life now. Gym money is an investment, not a waste of my time. While I am planning to help people work hard on their TOP stories (sorry for being offline during the holidays, guys. I needed a break. I am all yours in 2011!) I also need to improve myself so that I can present my best to the world too. Granted that I can't be my 21-year-old self anymore than I can pick a guy up with a wink anymore, I am going to make sure that my tummy is not straining against my shirt when I wear a tank top.I would be able to walk up the stairs or an inclined plane without heaving. 

I haven't smoked in a while and I think it's a good thing. I am sure that I would be a smoker for the rest of my life but I don't have to do it to be able to have something in my mouth. Yes, forgive the innuendo here. I would need my mouth for the rest of the year to pay for everything that I would be doing to improve myself. 

As much as I don't do resolutions on January one, I do it on my birthday because that is the actual new year for moi. ^^ I would list down the things I want to do here that would also appear on my birthday projects. Yes, I arrogant enough not to call them resolutions since from my observations I only do one resolution per year and that is not okay. 

1. Pay off all my mom debts. Yes, I owe my mom money. Because unlike you, I don't want to smooch off my mother for the rest of my life. It's actually one of my life goals to be able to save money and give my parents a comfortable life. I am the first born. It's a thing called independence and it's brother responsibility. You should look it up. 

2. Loose all break-up and call center weight gained. Stress made me fat. I am carrying all the after effects of my stint with Mark and my call center months. I am also carrying the E-lamp AM shift happy fats. So I plan to shed them all. Keep the memory of my fats as memories. I know I would be stress-free and would be able to fit to more of my old clothes (save money) and be fit into new clothes (seriously bazaar clothes are tiny it's insulting). And this time I would not think of it as loosing weight rather I would think of it removing excess baggage. Better right? I have gotten rid of my emotional baggage so I should do the same with the physical one, right? Right. 

3. Work on being a team player. 

I suck at being a part of a team. I got hugged by OMFH #2 and I like OFMH#1 now. I have seen the second one as a person who owns up the the flaws I hated about her and the former well, she hugged me. I don't hug enemies so that simple act. whether she meant it or not made me hate her less. I am not a hugger. I didn't even beso for the longest times. My college friends know this about me. ^^ I concede only if the person knows no other form or greeting like the handshake or I already like them a lot (which is hard to achieve in less than 24 hours but because of my first impression lasts philosophy, it's know to happen.). 

Anyway, this year, I plan to work hard on being a good team member by working on my personal performance so that my Team Leader Maxine doesn't have to worry about me. I would try my best to not get demerits although quit frankly this company seems to have a stick up their ass about rules which is refreshing an necessary for me. I tend to be a rule breaker and if there aren't any very good firewalls put up in my computer and my behavior, I tend to be a big headache. UP thing, I think.   

So, I will try to improve my grammar, if that was even possible. Work on helping other people improve, learn something new everyday, as well as share those information in a nice way not in my snotty Hermione Granger kinda way. 

4. Dress for the occasion. 

I plan to put all the things that rubbed off Reina. Kaye, JI, Trina and various fashionable friends and put them into good use. 

I am merging my college coolness and my present adult self, remember? Well. the hair cut was step zero. The grow out that follows is actually what I am hoping for. 

The removal of excess baggage will help with the outfits because more would fit and more choices can be made. Holler to all plus size clothes designer. MORE CREATIVITY POR FAVOR. Thanks. 

I can still wear boy clothes whenever I am traveling or I feel like it, but I would not wear the same thing the entire week, style I mean. I already know that girly clothes make people notice me more. But I am not doing it because it makes them notice me. I am doing or will be doing it to find my comfort zone in the midst of fashionable and comfortable. I need a comfarshionable me. I will experiment this year, so please bear with me. 

5. Social Network Me. 

I watched the movie and had I not read the article about Mark, then I would have believed that he is worth the person of the year thing. Heck, Bill Gates was not painted as a decent guy either. But I am getting ahead of myself. 

I don't want my friendships to just be online. But I also want my friends to realize that RL time is limited for me this year because I have  a lot of projects that would take them up. I have to edits novels, I have to write my own, I need to exercise, work, and best of all, I need to put myself out there. I do want to have a boyfriend but because according to my darn stars, I won't be getting one this year. I want to play the field a little bit by meeting new potential friends and lover. Not the singular on the last one. Yes, I am going to try the monogamous or abstinence route again. I am pretty sure the latter one is more likely since Reina is in Riyadh, Carla is going to Bahrain, Kaye is playing for the other team, Trina is busy at work,Fried and JI are even busier at work, and I don't work well without the cheerleader effect. ^^ And plus, man-hunting is not fun without them. Period. In my group of friends, I am Samantha. In our group, I am Miranda. As much as Samantha is awesome, I don't want to be her anymore. Though being cheated on as Miranda has never been fun. I want a Samanda. I want to be a Natasha. Since that is who I am now at work. I need to make her comfarshionable and in turn mofornicamous. Monogamous and fornicating. Yes. It sounds odd. But try saying it again. It's funny. 

So. Friend in RL need to be priority one. Minus the worrying about their lives. I need to have one of my own. Getting a roommate would help with this. I need to clean my room, buy an extra bed and clear out a closet first. 

6. Keep my lair and lappie bat free. 

I need to make sure that I clean my room everyday. Not every week. Not every month...not just when the shit is too high I can't walk or see the wall anymore. I am trying to mix my college self with my adult self minus the bad habits. T_T This might require some weeks of bring all the shit I want burnt or given away home but I would do it. I also need to bring home my laundry so they can all get washed by someone who is not washing other families or singles clothes, in a washing machine that is ours and not for hire, with fabric softeners that are not used to mask the smell of dewy half-assed washing but to accentuate the actual cleanliness of the clothes. 

I already have the mop. I want to get a decent broom. I want to get a decent rug and no buff wood liquid shine. 

I am thinking keeping my sleeping space and my work space (since I would be editing there) clutter-free would be easy. I know my possible roomie is going to be a bit on a slob side like moi. But if I place the right places to clutter and learn to clean after her, I am thinking I can learn to understand why women clean after their men. Honestly, I have never had to clean up after my men, despite what happened to us, they have been OCD with order, love it. Love them for being like that. We're friends. True story. 

Only person whose place I had to clean was my male best friend. I loved it and hated it since I was smuggled into his room and I couldn't go out to get water to clean his room. It was awful and I realized that I love him more than I will ever love my boyfriends because as I have said, I don't clean after boys. I clean for my family (rarely) and that is only because I love them So him being my "twin" it felt okay to clean his place. ^^ 

I also need to literally burn unnecessary stuff off my lappie. I need it to contain latest episodes, music, TOP novels and some movies. As well as pictures that have not been uploaded yet. I need to find SINGKO (my portable HD) and clean it out. 

I also need a decent anti-virus and what not. If I could I need to get Windows 7 but I would not have it unless I need a reformat. And I want to put that off since I don't know where my Vegas installer is.

So note to self: Buy anti-virus/spyware/malware and original Vegas installer. ^^ 

7. Monetize my creative writing gig. 

I don't know if the person who needs to be receptive of this would agree but I want this year to be the year we actually earn something from writing stories without breaking loyalty from TOP or taking an x-deal with anyone. 

I want the writers to grow and be polished enough to be able to write about stuff that are within the genre but extraordinary. I want them to know the rules. learn what rejection is like (though we won't reject them just ask them to revise till they get it right), and be able to feel that the work that they would bring out is the best they have made thus far. I want them to be how I felt when I got my play staged, after all the semesters that I had to suffer, humble, and work my ass off. Because after that, and with the love and support of the TOP readers. they would have something more than confidence. They would have fans. They would have a better version of what they had before. 
I am way behind on my editing this January is going to be so hectic that I would not even have time to figure out how it ended. 

I need to get a wi-tribe installed to make things smoother. Meantime I would have to work with what I have. Which is work net and SM wifi. ^^ 

One step at a time. Before, you know it, it's

Like this list. I would add to it but these are what I want to pull this year. And frack it, I would make sure I cross them all off my white board.  

Note to self: Shoes are heavy. I think you forgot that already. You were flip flops too often. You are sloppy like that. 

end of blog: 6:32 PM SLEX

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