Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How fare you train-taking friends? : LRT and MRT fare hike

I am actually glad that I take the bus in the morning. I chanced upon a link in my plurk timeline about the LRT, MRT fare hike  being approved. I used to take the train a lot when I was in the PM shift while working for E-Lamp. For a person who is claustrophobic it's hell to go to work by MRT. But the alternative was to spend two hours on the bus during lunch hour so there was no real contest.

But for the millions of commuters who will be affected by this price hike, I wonder what they would have to give up just to adjust their budget. I know it's long overdue and I know that they only reason why we didn't get this hike a long time ago was because it a political move for Arroyo. But Mr. President, I just want you to reassure all of us that the next time we walk in and out of the MRT or the LRT, at least there wouldn't be grayed walls of dust and those odd hiccups that cause us our attendance incentives. 

We don't have a choice but to shoulder what the government slowly refuses to shoulder. But make sure that we get more from this than those who run the tracks. You have yet to show us any beef of your promise to battle against corruption and raise those who are below the poverty line. 

With this decision, although sound from a business point of view, you might just put more people back on their feet, literally, since they can't afford the train fare. 

Good job. 
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  1. haven't tried the train in manila yet..


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