Monday, January 17, 2011

The Lagayas : Sakura Wedding

It was perfectly imperfect. Why? Because no one refused to smile. Whatever happened, it was, for Che and Myk, the happiest day ever. So what if there were some hiccups, the Korea and Philippine border issues (joke) and the fact that both readers had no idea which part of the mass they were supposed to read their parts. There were some people who took their sweet time getting there and other who are MIA. But who the heck cares. When the violin and piano hit it, the singer (who oddly had a backless shirt) sang with her beautiful voice, everything melted into perfection.

But not quite. This is where I recommend all of my friends to please either include me in the people who are required to walk and pin stuff as supposed to be the one in front reading stuff although I do that so well.

I haven't been to church in AGES to attend mass and have forgotten when to say the prayer of the faithful. I had taken the missalet on our side hostage and was reading through the entire mass. Well, there was that time when me and the other reader thought that the woman who was supposed to do the first reading was not there.So I stood up and bowed and was ready to read instead of her but she stood up, in her chocolate brown sweetness and stilletoed her way to the reader's stand. *Yes, even that word I have forgotten.* I remember saying that I love her shoes but it was unfortunate that the stand where were were supposed to well...stand had gaps so they had to watch their step in order to not to fall in the gaps. Of course I had to snigger, I was in church but I was not a saint. Then the other reader had the same dilemma. I thanked my flat silver shoes for being so comfy and FLAT. The hilarious part was that when I began reading, the mic didn't register. I had not put the mic on! I swear, if I was stand-up comedian, I would have banked in tips that time. I turned it on and proceeded where I left off. Rules in speech comm, don't repeat what you have already messed up, it highlights your mistake. I read it as well as I could possibly can and not one word out of beat (I hope.) and stepped down then bowed.

When it was about the same time for the consecration, the worst thing happened. There was a gong instead of chimes or a bell. I had to snap my hand up, not in salute, but to cover my left ear. I did need it for work after all. The other reader almost got a heart attack in shock. The sacristans snickered of course. Michael game me a look both of "what the" and "stop snickering" or was it "don't you dare laugh out loud while you are in the altar while my wedding is happening". So I swallowed my laughter and tried to pray. I think God decided I needed confession since I didn't get in line in time for communion. Oh well.

The vows were nice. Though I was too kilig and my brain was working on future stories inspired by that day, that moment of pure unadalterated bliss of true love. Whoever believes that true love doesn't exists can suck it. I have proof. The Lagayas are the proof I would slap on their cynical faces. Ha!

Of course, it doesn't end here. The solemnity would give way to cause over a glass of soda.

So I didn't really care much if one of the groomsmen was Phillip. He seems to be carrying a handbag so that mean I was safe. Because a guy carrying a handbag always indicated a lover or his mother. So I vote he brought a plus. I was already a double so I didn't bring one. I carefully avoided any contact with anyone because I didn't want to get into any kind of trouble. But it would be my competitive streak that would be my undoing.

My friends know this about me. I hate loosing. So when it was a drinking contest using soda (so weak haller beer nga kaya eh) with two straws I didn't notice that the other people were not as energetic as I was. And Ate Mesh was actually saying he was a young first cousin. I was like, "So?" It was only when I tilted the empty glass that I realized my mistake. Oh snap! It was one of those alternatives to throwing bouquets. Damn you wedding coordinators and your new fun-filled ideas. I hate you. So needless to say, I got my third garter.

The weird thing is that I always thought you were supposed to return it. But from my experience those brides who got the garter back, had lousy marriages and I remained single afterwards. But this time they made me take it home.

I showed it to my lolos, my uncles, my relatives, my mom and everyone else so that the jinx might go away. And of course, people were singing the same tune. "When are you going to introduce someone to me?" In our family, if a man or a woman is introduced, more often than not, that person would be a member of the family soon enough.

Now, exes, you know why you never got to set foot in my hometown.

The speeches made by the people, relatives, friends, and the newlywed was sweet, poignant and teary. Margaret, Mark (yes odd that it is the same name and I can type it without prejudice) and Moi were in line for the wedding photobooth. Gaga, as I candidly nicknamed her in highschool, was not at all willing because her sister was waiting for us to go out and go home. I was going to ride with them after all. But it was a good thing that we waited since we had so much fun doing it. I let them have the sole copy since the guy said we could get them online anyway. ^^

I wouldn't have missed this wedding for the world. And then some.

Best wishes, Mamang Mykl at Che!~ I hope my gifts would come in handy. ^^

Next time, binyagan naman.

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