Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Worries with Wings

Disclaimer: All men, ignore this post. You have been forewarned.

I was supposed to go to a OBGYNE (if I could find one) during the Lunar New year vacation to get some stuff checked out. But since I got my blue day now, I can't possibly do that. So now I just have to check if this thing is going to regulate itself. It's really unnerving that every time I find the time to get things checked out, something comes up.

The worst thing is that I didn't include this to my already dying budget. So I have to ask my mom if it would be okay to lend me some money again. At this rate, I would never be able to pay her off and I would probably never get to follow the other things that I want to do after I am fully independent.

*Needs to look at the bright side*
It would be easier to count the months that it would lapse since it happened in January. And it's possible that this is a good sign. Who knows, it might be a result of not smoking too often. If so, then I might just give up smoking altogether. (But then again, I smoked a horrible cigar like cigarette a few days ago. Maybe that was trigger. Ew, if it was that. I hope not.)
I am sure my mom would stop worrying (at least for the time being) that I am pregnant. (Seriously mom, me pregnant? I would no sooner become a boy.)
I don't get dysmennorhea. In my entire life as a bloody mary, I have experienced it twice or at least thrice. The last time I remember, Mark was there and he put hot compress over my abdomen. ^^ I never want to have that experience ever again. T_T, I have a low threshold for pain. The least that I experience is a little bit of a pinch and that's it. (wears armor since women are throwing things at her for saying she doesn't get cramps)
And best of all, this means that things are still working down there although it's a bit of a slow schedule. ^^ (thinking that maybe I am like an animal that bleeds only when in heat ROFL)

I am a bit worried about this since there are so many things that could get wrong when the time comes that I meet my honest man. It would be a bitter pill to swallow to have to face the possibility of being bumped for a more fertile member of my species.

But like Rein said, stop looking for it and it would come to you. Look, she was right. ^^ Now, if only it applied to a man and not mens, I would have been happier.
Weird coincidence. Similar cycle with current favorite student. Odd. 

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