Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kinder Award: Most Sociable

I think this was what I got when I was in K1. Or was that K2? Anyway, bottom line is that I have been a sociable kid but over time I have formed weird issues regarding socialization.

One of which is compartmentalization. I didn't take up psychology so don't troll me about this.

I like to keep my friends away from my other friends. There is not a lot of chances for me to go, "This is my high school friend, Hala. Hala, meet my college friend, Hada." There are people who used to go to my old school who went to the same college. But since they were not my initial group of friends, it wasn't a problem being this other me in this new place while they were there.

Second this that I might be misleading people to believe that I actually like people. I don't. I only like a few individuals. This is like my stand on children. Unless they are exceptional in my eyes, I won't like them. People are, in general, the taller and older version of their brattiest selves. So I just don't want to have to deal with them and their rough edges. This might be the reason why I don't work well in a group.

I always wondered how the people whom I have become really good friends with handle the loud, arrogant, idiotic me. Maybe it's like those times when women date guys who are bad for them. And they hope that they can tame them or train them. I say, no one else other that yourself can do that for you.

Having new friends is the mark of this year. But I am wondering if I am neglecting my old ones. I really don't have a choice when it comes to people I work with. I need to get along with them. I just hope that I learn more from them than they would learn from me. But that might be stretching it. They are awesome people but far too busy for me to bother.


Got my paycheck and I want to scream in frustration. If my roommate doesn't move by this month. I am really going to find someone new. T_T I was supposed to use the extra 2k to go out in February and now I can't. Awesome. Freaking awesome.

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