Friday, January 21, 2011

Korean Stress Remedy

Cure a disease with something from the same disease is how most vaccines and antidotes are made, right?

I have been a hot ball of stress lately because of work so I haven't been a happy camper. I have been asking friends for advice as to how to relieve my stress. I got zen, prevy and even really sound advice from most of them but they all required too much time away from my work. I needed something that gave instant gratification and loads and loads of happy thoughts. Since writing has become a chore as well, I couldn't go to that when my spirit felt mutinous.

I forgot something that I have been doing since I learned how to use a betamax. That watching something cute or funny makes me feel better. Always. I remember going to watch a comedy movie right after an upsetting day and laughing till I forgot that someone fracked up my entire day. I was already a graduate at that time so I could afford going to the movie theater on a whim. I had a better paying but extremely stressful job back then.

I stumbled upon this rediscovery when I went around looking for SECRET GARDEN so that I can watch it and talk to my students about it. But it was not available in the pirate bins just yet. I ended up buying My GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO, IRIS 1 AND 2, and Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama! the anime. None of my favorite pirate bins had hentai so I let that go for now. ^^

Now I have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Yes, my life is boring like that. When you are technically broke all that time because your roommate has not moved in yet and your peanuts paying job is pissing you off, it's all you can do not to drop kick someone. I choose Korean dramas over jail time.

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