Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My friend's Brother is a CommArts Stud too...in Baguio!

I guess I can't help him out to adapt to his new environment. We can't even ask our friends to help him out since he is all the way over there. But I think it's the best thing that happened to him since he doesn't have to follow after his sister at all. Sans the same course, the kid would have to handle every Isko step that he would take on his own.

But it's cool, literally, that he is in UPB. It was originally where the Communication Arts program started. (correct me if I am wrong) So we are still ecstatic that he is one of us.

Who knows? If he gets bored in UPB, he can always transfer to UPLB. He just needs 33 units...I think. ^.^

Dorming, meeting new friends, plays, org meetings, reports, speeches, papers, quirky teachers, awesome mentors, heartbreaks, hang-overs, as well as mistakes, big and small, lessons, life-changing and minute, will be laced with the flair and the weirdness that is UP.

It's Jet's turn now.


Here is Reina freaking out. 

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