Monday, December 27, 2010

Ellen Tordesillas blogged about me (and of course, mah awesome inay!)

Caregiver of caregivers’ kids

The phenomenon of Overseas Filipino Workers, OFW in short, which disperses more than 10 million Filipinos all over the world, most of them away from their families, has created another phenomenon: children growing up without the care of their mothers who are taking care of other people’s children.
This sad situation has created also another kind of job in the Philippines : mothers taking care of children of mothers who go abroad to take care of other people’s children.
One of the outstanding entries in the this year’s Philippine Expat/OFW Blog awards was Niña Simon’s “My Mom’s Quasi-orphanage” . It won the Nokia award for Philippine-based blogs that also deal with overseas Filipino workers.


  1. Not surprising Nin, your entry rocks! Your mom is truly proud of you. Btw, yung plato ba natin free-standing or nakalatag lang na puede nang paghainan ng ulam? :-) My mom complains of my pasalubong to her plato lang dw kase. Atin-atin lng to ha, anong nokia model napanalunan mo? made in finland ba? :-) Wala ba tayong certificate na makukuha? :-)

    Happy new year na lang Nin and to all Simon clan!

  2. Ay,dalawang plato lang. I was wondering if they forgot to give me a cellphone or wala talaga. But kebs. I got two plates. I told my mom to find something to put it in or maybe I will ask my dad to make a frame for it. My family is notorious for destroying stuff that are fragile. ^^ I told the maid, if you break this, you will pay with your life. Graduating na un sa college so hindi un magkakamali. Hihihi.


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