Friday, December 17, 2010


Things crossed out on my Crazy and Goal list on December 16, 2010

GOAL LIST: Join an international blog contest. Check!
CRAZY LIST: Be in the TOP TEN. Check!

GOAL LIST: Win an award for blogging. TWO CHECKS!
CRAZY LIST: Take crazy pictures on stage while receiving said award. TWO CHECKS!

GOAL LIST: Attend PEBA 2010 with a friend/s. Check!
CRAZY LIST: Be fashionably late for the Gala night. Check! (more on this later)

CRAZY LIST: Learn how to get to Greenhills. Check!

CRAZY LIST: Be seen online by strangers. Check! Superstah!

CRAZY LIST: Meet other PEBA bloggers. Check!

There I was in Robinsons Galleria, in my Gala outfit waiting for H. The traffic was abysmal because it was, according to day the day after the pay and there were Christmas sales everywhere. When she finally arrived we contemplated whether to take a cab or a jeepney. Because I have been standing at the taxi stop for thirty minutes and there was still a bunch of people in front of us, we walked to the jeepney stop instead. Luckily there were two jeepneys loading up there. Greenhills, here comes the LUVSHAK GODDESSES!

After registering we got in and sat near the corner. We were close enough to see what was happening on the stage but far enough from the groups of people to do our usually mean girls bit. You have to forgive us. She's a contact center employee for the longest time and I am an English teacher. So we looked at each other after every lisp and grammar slip. We are just mean like that.

Just so you know this is not going to be a blow by blow thing about what exactly happened in the event. I wanted to write a piece that was quite journalistic but I forgot my notepad. ^^ So this is my PEBA night as I remember it.

When they announced the category for Nokia I figured that I won't get anything since I thought that one had to make a separate entry for it. Boy, was I surprised when I heard my online name Pinaywriter. ^^

I walked towards the right side of the stage. Apparently there were no stairs on that side. I had to walk past people in front, who were nice enough to let me pass. I didn't know there was a path in the middle. Gesh. One friend enough told me she thought I was coming from the bathroom since I took so long to go on-stage. *She was watching on life streaming btw.* When I finally got onstage, I wanted to do a peace sign but since I was a little unnerved all I managed was a thumbs up. So phallic, right? But I heard some people snigger so I figured it was funny enough. And I am here to entertain. *bows* *bows*

When I got down I read my plate. IT WAS KIKO'S! I got up and walked to the side of stage to ask for the correct plate. I guess it was his wifey who was there. We exchanged plates. After that we got a picture taking session with the head as well as the rep from Nokia. I am so bad with names. I will fill this in later when I find out who they are. ^^

There were intermission numbers who sang two songs that me and H sang along with. ^^ I took some frame by frame pictures from him. The ladies had fun on that part I think. ^^

Fast forward to the announcement of the top ten for the OFW Supporters category. I was praying that they would call out my blog's name on the tenth. When they didn't I sat back and thought that I didn't have a chance in hell of getting into any of the higher levels.

When they called out my name for the 6th place, I made sure to walk in the middle so that I wouldn't make an fool of myself. (More so that usual) Again, with the thumbs up. I really couldn't help it! Bumenta eh. ^^

All in all, I am happy. Most of the bloggers I met through PEBA got awards or honorable mentions. So for me it's a win for almost all the people who are special to me. As for the other bloggers, I will take time to read through their blogs and find small pieces of information that can help me become a good OFW supporter, PEBA entry nominee or not.

I was just wondering, pwede pa po bang umulet? Probably I would if I ever become an OFW, I would try to join the other category. *teehee*

I am glad that some of my friends caught me on-line. My best friend who in Riyadh was able to watch me get not one but two awards. Even my writers from T.O.P. watched (two of them I think.)

But the most special thing is that I was able to win something for my mom. It was her who inspired this blog entry anyway. And I think I would continue to write about my family so as to present the life that can be had for people who are in the, as they call it, home base.

I gave one of the freebie Gardania to a sampaguita vendor. I was irked when a few minutes later, she went back to insist that we buy flowers from her. I was like "Is she kidding me?" My friend wondered if the girl was the same girl. I knew it was the same girl. I sighed in frustration. Sometimes, even if you give them fish, they would ask you for the entire barrel.

Life in the Philippines can't be changed by one advocacy, it can't be turned around over night. A Gala night is a highlight but it's not the end of the support that we need to give to each other, to each Filipino around the world.

I talked to my ex and he is going home under shady circumstances. He will go home from Jeddah and faces an uncertain future here. He was supposed to put his life together and not hide again. I feel pity towards him but there are somethings that a blogger can't do and shouldn't do anything about. Like forcing a person to do what he doesn't want to do or is not in his nature to do.

There are others who have less people helping them. There are women like Ate Tess who still go home with virtually less than what they had before they left. Who go home with wounds and damaged lives that we can not heal. But we can make others AWARE that stories like those are too close to their own lives that they should be more vigilant.

H will leave for Bahrain soon. She wants to go there for her family and for herself. She will be there for two years if it pushes through. I will miss her. And I am glad that on PEBA 2010, we will always have the memories of being together to celebrate people who are like her parents, my relatives and our friends.

Stay safe, smile always, and remember that we are always praying and thinking of you here at home. I-sisimbang gabi na lang namin kayo. ^^


  1. Big Big Congratulations Nin! Look i was darn right to foretell that your entry will be chosen as the best blog entry for Supporters Division. Party party!!!

  2. Super thanks! Congrats din sa iyo. ^^ I need to fix mah blog to make it less cluttered. I hope things work out for me at ma-add na ang google adsense ko. Sayang talaga eh. Ang dami kong traffic dati. T_T, Oh well.

  3. Congratulations for the win!

    gleng! gleng mo talaga! Whatever it is you've done - you've done it right.

    Huli man at magaling - magaling ka pa rin :) . You should add Adsense, marami pang darating I know. By next year balita ko meron ulit freebie ang Google Adwords to promote your site.


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