Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ESA Moment : Red Bean Soup Day
My student Mr. Bond. (three guesses what his English name is) told me about Dongji Patjuk. You can read here what the myth about it taken from. The thing was that he didn't know about it as well. He found it interesting so he shared the information with me. He said patjuk drove evil spirits away. Cool, beans vs.ghouls. Kinda made me think of plants vs. zombies. ^^

I wanted to tell him about the Filipino food that people believed is a good source of energy or made us strong. Yes, you are right, the BALUT. But I didn't think it would be a good idea to tell the man about a food that would probably make him expel his lunch so soon. ^^

CULTURE OVERLAP: People, Koreans and Filipinos alike use food as a means to benchmark a holiday. Although the lugaw or a ginataang munggo would probably closer to the red bean soup than balut, it still makes the latter fit the "gives special energy" category. We believe that specific kind of food can make us healthier or stronger than usual. But in the long run it's a healthy diet ensure just that, with or without the red beans or the aborted ducks. ^^

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