Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is the plan: Since I now have full control of when your stories will come out or not.

1. There would be no rejections. There would only be OVERHAULS. (will explain this waaaaaaay later)
2. There would be deadlines and if you miss it, sorry your story is not going to see the super NO RIGHT CLICK TOP site. Bleh.
3. There would be a format, if you don't follow it, three strikes and I would send you an e-mail so explosively Hellish that you might never want to write again.
4. Starting in Feb, there would be at least one novel per week. So that would be three to four novels in a month. IF THERE ARE NO NOVELS TO POST, then we just need to be patient and wait for the writers to finish their work.
MONDAY ang posting. Friday is the Teaser for Next week's novel of the week.
5. NOVELS THAT WERE NOT PROOFREAD WELL WILL BE OVERHAULED. So study the Filipino and English grammar rules and re-read your work. And watch your punctuation marks.

Lastly, I am the Editor in Chief. I am not your EDITOR. Get an Editor for your work, then ask them to send it to you. If I have to overhaul your work and the first few pages are already full of marks, it's a waste of my time. It means you didn't proofread your work. It means you are using up my time to read more proofread work. It means, hindi ko mapapanuod ang DVD ng latest Korean drama.

That means, patay ka sa akin. ^^

Writers, editors, contributors, please let your work be on pending. Ung mga draft ako lang gagawa nun. ^^

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