Monday, December 20, 2010

ESA Moment #2: On Blind Dates

Student: I have a blind date.

Teacher: How was it?

Student: Bad.

Teacher: What was the problem?

Student: Age is younger.

Teacher: How old is he?

Student: Three years old.

Okay. This was not posted to make fun of anyone. It's a conversation I had with a female student about her weekend. She told me that she didn't like the guy that she went on a blind date with because he was younger. After a few more probing questions. (Yes, I am a gossip like that.) I got her to reveal the truth. She didn't like the guy's mug. I almost giggled but I controlled myself from doing so.

CULTURE TIDBIT: Koreans (some not all) go on blind dates to try to meet someone to date or be steady with. They tend to be set-ups by friends who usually vouch for the other person. Sometimes they pick up the tab as well.

CULTURE CRASH: Filipinos love to matchmake their friends. But most of us don't really like to go on blind dates. Group dates are more common and a lot safer for Filipinas. At least, that is what we think. For the guys, it's a little bit more dangerous since the "cheerleader effect" can be deceiving.

OVERLAP: Most people date to either mate or to settle down. Since Koreans and Filipinos are both big on families so getting to know strangers becomes a process of elimination. Sometimes they get eliminated, other times they are the ones who date and dash.

BOTTOM LINE: Blind dates can lead to a fun experience or to a traumatic ones. My suggestion, make it an avenue to free your mind, make a new friend. Be bold but don't be too judgmental.

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