Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eat-All-You-Can't Team building

I don't ever want to go to an eat-all-you-can with my teammates ever again. 
Why? Try eating a lot of food then being too full to even laugh normally and you would know what I mean. And my teammates are rowdy, funny, awesome people. So it was torturous to have to hold back laughter when something funny was being said. 

Not that the food were all great, but for P160 per head, Dad's in Megamall made gluttony plausible. (Thank God for the short stint of no carbs I had in November. I need to re-do that after the holidays. ^^)

I had siomai, corndogs, shawarma, tacos, puto, lumpiang gulay, carbonara, spaghetti, and tofu. 
160 na sha now ^^ Our boss paid for the drinks 75 bottomless iced tea

I didn't eat dinner. T_T I couldn't even think of food when I got back.

But for my Balikbayan friends and families, going to an eat-all you can be a great way to save money. *wink wink* So try it out too. ^^ After all, we Pinoys only need two things to have fun, good food and loved ones. Right?

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