Thursday, December 16, 2010

Of Butterflies and OFW exes : before PEBA 2010

I am the kind of person who can't sleep when she is excited over something. So I made sure that I slept as early as I could yesterday. I was awake every hour after 1900. T_T It was like tiny power naps that made me think, "Am I in a double dream or is time really slow on Thursdays?"

Nevertheless, I sprang up and got ready to go to work by 2 a.m. It might be because I couldn't take the whole sleep then wake up routine my body was doing. I wore my Halliwell top in about four different ways until I finally decided that covering my arms is the best way to go. But this top keeps making the right side do a peek-a-bo. ^.~ I just need to ignore it I guess. I bought emergency clothes in case something weird happens from to 6 p.m. (believe me, things have happened before). I put on my "reina" pants and went to work.

To my dismay they changed the code for the office door so after several tries with the one that I knew the thing alarmed. I thought it would alert building security but it didn't. Pft. It was a good thing my former teammate comes in early. He opened the door using the new code.

So now I am waiting for my already overloaded schedule to not kill me so I can go to Nova to see H. Then we can go together.

The Halliwell top is getting a lot of rave. Or maybe it's because half of the time I look like a boy at work. (ROFL)

I saw a reply on an already forgotten message I sent my ex on FB. He said that he misses being with me and seeing me. And I paused for a second and thought, this time I know my tummy butterflies are not for him. They will never be again. ^^


  1. lol! im always smiling everytime i read your post. btw, landslide awardee ka daw nin. kaya nga excited ka eh. good luck na lng update mo kmi sa fb mo blow by blow acct. hehe..

  2. Weh! Hindi ako umaasa. Basta masaya ako to be a part of it. So cool. First ever ko to join any contest online and first time ko to attend a blog awards. ^^ Naisip ko nga na dalhin si Eros (mah lappie) to the event pero naisip ko mag-isa akong uuwi after the event kasi sa QC un friend ko at Makati ako, at panahon ng kapaskuhan. Alam mo na, baka mapano kami ng lappie ko. ^^

    Excited na akooooooo!~ Walang makakasira ng araw ko kahit mga ingiterang tao sa paligid or mga pasaway na students. ^^

    Sana hindi kami malate. ^^


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