Sunday, January 30, 2011

Writing complete - BBBS T.O.P.

Although I am still waiting for Laine's revised work (apparently she added some stuff to her old work) technically BBBS is complete, or so they tell me it is. I have yet to put them all in one folder and read all of them one after the other. But I will do that starting the afternoon of February 1 and will be doing so until February five in the morning. I am not sure what is going to happen but I am not going to let anything get in the way of me finishing every thing.

BBBS has become a lesson to so many of the writers in the group, old and new. It was a wake-up call for a call to arms. It will now remain as a constant reminder that sometimes the best intentions are not able to meet the expectations of so many others.

But it wasn't because of personal problems, which were forgivable, that the BBBS is going to keep a stigma. It was because of the lies and deceit that came with the process of making it. Things like this sometimes jump out of the pages of what we write and becomes a part of our daily lives. Sometimes it's a character we believed to be real but is actually a pigment of someone's bizarre imagination. All writers imagine a different version of themselves. Sometimes it's necessary to walk in their shoes. But it is never alright to make this character disrupt the lives of others. In a novel that character is punished by fate or is discarded in the end. Real life is a lot more cruel than that. Real life has consequences and it has a very good memory. It can remember those who are false and rude as well as deceptive. Those people who live their lives in the here and now can make your life miserable if you are that kind of person.

Making lovable bitches is never easy. Editing their stories would be hell for me. But I don't care. I appreciate and commend all the writers and the people who started these stories. Because without them, there wouldn't be any lessons learned, there wouldn't be any justification to the stricter rules and once again we would be lax against those who abandon us in the middle of the fight.

We hope that you would like BBBS once it's out. I think I might not go home during the weekend for this. But hey, who knows, I might finish it in two days and that would be awesome. But very unlikely. ^^

After this, it's definitely a new year for the makers and writers of BBBS.

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