Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Twin Brother from another Mother

Apparently, he found my blog I MISS JAN. Since he doesn't know that I made a public service announcement on FB (he doesn't have one) he didn't know that a lot of humans actually replied to my post. ^..^

Oh well. I can't find that post now so never mind. ^..^
It's weird that I had this Pinaywriter spidey sense to check on my emails or phone when an important message is there. Kekeke. I have been busy lately that I have been ignoring my emails constantly.

I am glad he found me. I already gave him all of my sns and cp info. ^..^ And people did look for him. He's just a ninja. Or I am just bad at googling people. I mean seriously I studied skip tracing. But I am so forgetful I don't know anything to use to search for him.

Apparently he's well and he's going to be working in a company. ^..^
I told him I am a fatass now. And all that. I am still waiting for his reply. And I will keep begging him to get a FB account together.

Seriously, how much do you have to hate Mark Z?

I wanna show him the pictures my Korean Student sent me of her trip to Google. ^..^

And this concludes the search for my Gemini Kambal. If only I can find a version of him I can rape and who also likes KPOP. We are like siblings and he my oppa from a different eomma. <3


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