Sunday, January 20, 2013

I miss Jan

I wonder where he is? My KAMBAL. I miss him. He's not in any of the social networks that I am in. Or at least I don't think he's on Facebook. He told me he hated the guy who made it.

I hope he's around to have those soul-enriching conversations about life and love again. I miss him because we can talk for five hours without repeating a single topic. He listens when I talk and when he talks I listen.

So if anyone has seen my four-eyed chemist twin Gemini, Jan Jerald T. Mangaldan, could you please tell him to comment here with a link to any form of communications with him? Seriously it's hard to find ninja-types. They hide so effin well.


  1. Nakakatuwa naman. Di Lang Pala ako ang naghahanap Sa knya.Si Jan Gerald ay huli Kong nakita nung high school grad, after that not even a news I heard of him. He is like a "once in a lifetime" good friend. I predicted that would be the last day I could ever see him. He just passed by in each and everyone's life hence leaving an unforgettable encounter/impression. We only had few encounters but the only thing I could remember is that he was so full of knowledge about anything under the sun. Your descriptions best suit him!! There will be only one Jan Gerald mangaldan on this planet earth. I guess he might not remember me as well, but to the one who wrote this, I wish u all the best in finding this unique creature😊 or am I too late say this. I guess that by this time, u have found him already! God bless to u and kindly send my regards to him when u find/see him again. All the best to your search. 😊


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