Sunday, January 20, 2013

Change, Welcome.

Okay to I have to admit I did miss the internet. Mainly the only thing I have been able to google were names of suspicious websites and merchants. So I did miss my blog and my social networks. I haven't really finished with all the blogs that I should have finished off. And the abysmal internet connection however welcome it may be to actually be online right now is not enough to post the thousands of pictures that is supposed to go up on my new cozy fb. I call it that because it's where I listed people I want to add on my account that are just the people I would've normally talked to before, before the PEBA blogging and all the writing stuff as well as the Kpop mania turned my facebook into a maze of posts that do not tell me what is actually happening to the people I did add on my account. Since my blog is linked there and I have so many writing and blogging contacts on that account I decided that it has to be Pinaywriter's facebook through and through. I plan to migrate my personal life in my cozier fb and make sure that friends know not to flood my wall with things I do not want to see. I will minimize the pages I would like. I can just as easily add them on or like them on the PW facebook. I tried to place security stuff on the cozy fb but I realized I hated having to confirm likes or tags. So I just disabled those security again.

While I was waiting for the the pictures to upload on the crawling connection that I had, I realized that 1) it'll take me a very long time before I can get all my pictures on facebook. 2) I really prefer an uncluttered social network where I can't accidentally troll someone enough to make them lash at me and all that I say despite most of what I saw was not mean to be hurtful and the rest would just me apologizing profusely. 3) My very last ex still wrote on his blog. That is how I know he is now a graduate. Yey. And that he has had other chances to date and other things as well as being with someone now. He mentioned me several things after the hospitalization incident though but not always in the worst of lights. I am glad he and his mom bonded over that fact that I am an evil ex-girlfriend who caused him to hyperventilate and pass out in the garage. Andoy told me that I need to stop living in the past. And I think one of the major flaws of my relationships is that I mother my men. I really do. Not all of them respond well to nagging, change and what not. But I hope my ex's claim to have matured is true. And more blessings to him. Though his blog led me to believe that, 4) I really can't date a guy who sucks at grammar or in speaking. So he either is able to command his own language/dialect or sound group or just stick to what he knows, the vernacular.

Anyway, the pictures are still not done. I just have to give it a rest. It's sex six oh seven in the morning, an hour shour of 24 hours of being awake and if you can't spell well anymore then that is really not a good sign.

I made a hellocotton account after seeing the thing with Angel's blog : Angelamheire's Little Heaven. I also need to clean up my blog. I have deleted some gadgets that I don't think that really need. I need to clear up the appearance of my blog. It's just too busy-looking. Change according to someone is very go

Since I am not on Google ads since they thought my clicks were fraudulently made (during that time I was blogging often and had some significant readership) I didn't have to worry about generating any kind of money. Though I wouldn't hate it so much if I am able to blog more significant things that other people need to know or would want to read. *okay that sentence took me several minutes and my brain is leaking out by now, I would end this post now before it stops making sense.

I'll clean up my blog later today. For now I need to rest and hope tomorrow bring faster SUN connection.

All I learned today is that I have real friends and I should not ever consider adding complete strangers on my new cozy Fb. In the words of Ysac, "Sino ba siya, he's nobody." Surely the same can be said to me by that person's friends and I am beyond dumb to have even said anything in the first place.

If this is the bitchslapping Andoy was saying that would force me to change, then great. If there is more in about six weeks then I will be ready by then as well.

Change is something I abhore. But beng placed between a rock and hard place, I have no other choice but to move forward, charge it to experience and face the future.

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