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BORA SERIES 3:Early in Delayed Out

Early in Delayed Out

We arrived 20 minutes early to Boracay. It was not raining and the flight was a breeze. F & M won two eco-bags and gave me one. HM and I sat next to the exit and had to be asked if we were okay with the responsibilty that came with it. I was scared shitless but I agreed. I didn't realize I could not listen to music since I had to turn off my phone for the entire trip. Shemas. Note to self, bring music device next time you go on a flight, long or short. Also bring a camera because although the iphone5 may now take awesome pictures, you still can't use it while the plane is in the air. And you may miss the chance, your very first to be in the clouds.

The Europeans onboard were fun to watch, one guy took out a bottle, I knew it was alchohol at once and they proceeded to drinking the entire bottle, no cups whatsoever. It might have accounted for them being scared shitless of the bumpy ride on our relatively tiny aircraft. Still they were paler than what they already were when we landed. F & M said that they cheered when we landed safely. Pussies, said the girl who refused to be on any kind of plane if it had not been for the fact that she has been friends with these people for a decade and tickets had already been bought and paid for by someone else. But at least I had my phobia to blame. This one plane ride was a big deal for me, the fact that I survived it is giving my mother ideas. Jesus, she wants me to get a passport and go to Hongkong. The only thing that would remotely make me want to go to HongKong is to see Tita Loida. Why would I go on a formerly Brit controlled island now returned to China and go shopping? I barely want to go to the Ayala Malls for christ's sake. Anyway, so first flight was mentally scary but relatively uneventful. So I knew something had to happen to the return flight, right? Oh boy, was it ever true.

The flight was supposed to be Airphil in Caticlan but there was a delayed flight in the morning that dominoed the entire day into basically euphoria from a vacation erasing pile of mishaps. The intelligent lady printed out boardpasses when she had an inclining that we would not be able to get on the said flight on our ticket. She said out flight might board at five. I have worked in Expedia and might is not a word that should be used when it comes to these kinds of things. So I knew that we would be late. HM and I went ahead of the guys and rode a cab (big tricycle in the island) with R who was riding a bus to Iloilo. But later on, because of the delays, we ended up getting on the bus to Kalibo with the guys who apparently already had the right tickets (later HM had to get us rechecked so we could get out seats in the new plane we were supposed to get on). Our flight was diverted to Kalibo and we had to ride a bus, I don't know how long the trip was because I clocked out. Seriously clocked out, drool coming out of my mouth clocked out. Yuck, I know. This is a condition I only get into majorly when I have a hangover and I have not had one of those in a very long time.

Silver linings are my thing. And in this case it was seeing a real cocomangas shirt/jersey. We were lining up for our boarding passes when HM noticed it. I asked the guy to let me take a picture of the front. He was really not my type since I didn't like Chinesy La-salle type of guys (sorry that was both racist and schoolist at the same time but I hope you got my metaphor you know Asian chinese guy who is all I'm so pogi) and his friend said something like “Oh, you're like a celebrity.” and I wanted to say, “Hey more guy who looked like all the wrong parts of Korea Japan & China, shut the fuck up, I have a boner for the shirt and not your friend. And the fact that I am not even taking to you is just proof that if fugly girls like me won't even talk to you, you just need to go screw yourself.” But of course I didn't say that. And since I knew I would have to explain what cocomangas shirt guy looked like, I took a picture. He caught me. Opps. But I just had my Bora vacay, I was fully charged and did not give a rat's ass if he thought I was some stalker type fattie. I am still clapping after every sentence I type and saying, I want to do that too then puke my guts out and get hospitalized after. Mental note: Do this on my last day and/or ask future will be brought to Bora boyfriend to do it for me and gimme the shirt as a sign of his macho love for me. That is because he would have to be strong enough to drink my dad and several uncles under the table to get them to ok him to be a keeper. So a cocomangas survivor might just be someone they would approve of. But then again, I want to be able to do it. I wonder if old Carla would have been able to do it. Oh well, we can't all be sober. But the girl who fracks cocomangas friend might just need to be alchoholic to suck his white ass. Opps oh no I didn't.

HM & I ate bibimbap at a restaurant in front of the airport entrance in Caticlan and I must make note of this, DO NOT MIX IT if eating with HM. I forgot how she can't handle spicy food all that much. I think my bitch gauge is so up these days and I have been so insensitive in my being all cooped up in my room alone that I forgot to be considerate of other people's needs and taste in general. And I always complain about it to people who may or may not be helpful in this kind of situation because they always get their way or at least make other miserable so they get what they want.

It's not always a bad thing that they do that but I just need to know how to be sociable without being a pussy or clingy.

The flight was not so cool. We had to back up and I think I pissed off a couple of passengers because HM thought out seats would be in the back instead of the front where the number 3 seats were. I had to sit next to a guy who kept taking pictures with his camera. WITH FRACKING FLASH. I wanted to kick his knees for bumping mine all that time. The plane was not huge but there was enough space for him not to do that. And night flying is soooo night fun except when you see the lights in the city and it looks like what it does in airal shots in the movies. The fact that my eyes and brain saw it make it awesome. And despite the delays I was glad that we made it back safely.

So in the darkest hour, adventures are perhaps just lurking around the corner. I am glad I had reliable friends to get my out of my crazy during the whole trip. I gave them a lot of Ninya moments but I am just glad that they can laugh it off as usual. There is just no helping how I am and who I am and I am glad to know that somehow, though they may not understand all of it, they make an effort not to change me or hate me. And for those many days, I was glad I didn't have to wear any masks of any kind in front of people who are among the handful of people I allow to mock me or make fun of me without me cursing them under my breath. And only one person is allowed to do that at work. The rest need to be careful of what mask I wear around them because they never know what bad karma could bounce off me to them.

So I can now ride an airplane, it is still nerve-wrecking and I would still need to remember to equalize every time the pressure is pressing on my ears but I guess life lessons can be learned. Even when you are scared shitless to do it, doing something new and something you never thought you would be capable of might just let you ride the clouds.

**edit and pictures later**


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