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I am so not able to make this blog timeline friendly and since the people who were actually there and that matter would remember the order with which we did things I really don't need to rehash everything that way. I just want to write about the fun things and the Nina-specific crazy that went down in Boracay. So if you were waiting for a blow by blow and tips on how to make your trip in Boracay more memorable why don't you google it and then suck it. Because seriously, it's not the places you stay in and the things that you did or ate, it's the people you go there with that makes the difference. Believe me I have been to more family outings to the beach than I would possibly remember since I was born in Batangas (hello beaches) so I know that being at the beach is no big deal, not unless you grew up in a dessert then seeing an ocean might be pretty cool for you. Anyway, so what I was trying to say is that I won't be giving reviews of places since I only stayed one night in one place then I didn't even choose the second place we stayed in thought it was a nice place. All I am saying is that I did something at Grand Prix that probably scared a receptionist for life.

Okay, in my defense I did not commit a crime nor would I consider what I did out of of pattern for me. So there I was a little bit out of it from the late morning that we had but I had to get up at 8 since R was still out of it and she told the guys she would wake them up. I did get up and texted people but only one was awake the rest were still sleeping in. So I went back up to sleep I got a call from the desk that it was the last call for breakfast and instantly I thought, BACON AND EGGS. We got ours (the ladies on room 202 – the guys were roomed in pairs 102 and 103) taken up since the women did not want to roll off their bed to put things on. I saw to it that the food was on our veranda table. There I saw my scrambled eggs paired off with two tiny sausages (they looked to be like dehydrated dicks) so I knew that something was wrong with my breakfast. Then I saw a plate that had a sunny side up egg and rice. And something in my sleep deprived brain snapped. I went down, against my better judgment and the fact that I did not know the number for reception, and asked the receptionist what breakfast we ordered. Truth #1 I did initially order chicken sausage with scrambled eggs and coffee but I do remember changing it to bacon and eggs with rice and coffee. Apparently there was no backsies with orders that or I was stupid enough not to get my order repeated back to me. So in my already loud voice (no I do not scream I just really have a big voice and people get intimidated by it I guess) and hungry no filters in the morning brain told the poor very nice receptionist about a plate being their on our table with an egg and rice...and invisible bacon. Ysac and D were there and Ysac, experienced in many years of decoding Ninya speak, told the lady what I wanted in the vernacular. So HM got her bacon and eggs that day. I got mine the next day, very visible and next to garlic rice. Apparently, I forgot to specify plain rice. So all that I am taking away with this is that I need to make sure to write down my request and not open my mouth until I have had some bacon or coffee whichever comes first. And that great service can only be given if you are able to say your request as clearly as you possibly can. That and my love for bacon is perhaps too much for anyone to handle. Especially not an island girl.

**will edit and post pictures later**

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