Saturday, January 19, 2013

Need a C pill

I need a chill pill, a shut up NINYA please pill and a more private facebook with about 20-30 people in it. MAX. I need to clean my more public account and place all my pics to my other account. Where I can say whatever I wish to the people there because I know for sure they are Ninya-ready. *I wonder if it's possible to move all my picture folders to that account without having save as everything and screen capping the comments.*

I've tried tact and shutting up. Now I just apologize because I am a blurter. I am in the school that people can adjust and apologize but we can't really change. I already disengaged. I am sure that is the end of my involvement there. Friends already mellowed me down over the years. But they have all raised their hands in defeat in trying to get me to shut up and not be too judgmental.

I need to remember that facebook is a volatile place. I forgot having not used the social networking site in almost a year. At least not as often as I did before. Just one more reason to trim the fat.


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