Friday, January 18, 2013

Fangirl Mode 2012-2013: I Broke mY MIGloving heart twice

It was a dark dark dark time. I have all but forgotten it. The fact that I did not get to watch rock of ages. And then in my internet hiatus this is what happen. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!!!

I missed the chance to talk, have coffee (though I am not that allowed to have coffee anymore) and Met MIG! My MIGloving heart breaks for missedMIGmoments. Like Sheldon says, Chances to have [gelato] coffee with [Stan Lee] Mig Ayes come but once in a life time."
And I definitely can't recreate Rock of Ages just so I can watch him in it for real.
Note to self: Timestamp the dates I will visit and go back to when time travel is now possible, July 29, 2012 so I could have answered this email enthusiatically with my then nokia phone # and answer with ANYTIME or NOW NA (means: Right now in Filenglish expressions).

I want to cut something, throw something and kick someone. But since my perpetual aura color these days is yellow (uber optimist mode) I just want to charge this to experience.

I will always love MIG and I will always keep the cds I have of him close to my heart and his voice a constant LSS in my heart.

The signature on my GOT MIG? shirt is faded, I plan to "sew" that part so that the signature never truly fades. I wore it to work on my Friday shift and though I have gotten heavier lately and is able to not look like a hanger while wearing it, the shirt still makes me feel special and loved as a fan.

Whether or not I get to watch him again in the future, seriously had dreams of me on a big plane going to a European country and watching him in a musical in the UK. Then I meet a younger singer in his "company" and I fall in love with said younger singer and then I have to go back home to the Philippines. In my dream I didn't work in my soul-sucking job as an analyst but I wrote for a magazine and said younger singer goes to the Philippines on a "global leg" of said musical with MIG (of course) and I watch their show again and blog & feature MIG on the magazine I work for.

I know my writer brain getting the best of me. I think it was the depression talking at that time. I blame no one but myself. I knew before ANY OTHER MUSIC LOVER in the whole archipelago that Rock of Ages was coming to the Philippines. I was one of the FEW who knew that something EPIC was able to land in our shores. The people who were going to sing in it didn't even know how well-received they were going to be. I am sure the events people knew but didn't I was a FAN who knew that this was coming down and I felt like I was not able to give my MIGfandom any justice. For crackers sake I went to a BigBang concert this year and I didn't understand a single song in full. But I was there, waving in the air the light stick that I was able to buy with my meager savings.

But the fact that I missed MIG at ROCK of AGES is something that makes me sigh deeply every time and teary-eyed. I didn't watch the movie. I probably never would. It hurts to much to pass up on greatness. It's almost like being excited for my friend's wedding and then missing it entirely because I thought I was late for it but it actually started late...oh wait, that actually happened this year. Damn 2012 was really a weird year for me. The things I had wanted I can't quite get and the things I prepared for I missed.

But yeah, 2012 is over, we already survived the so-called apocalypse. In my opinion, unless I get to see MIG perform on stage, I can never really tell I survived the end of my MIGloving world.

**That's it. I won't be depressed anymore** <3 MIG Ayesa, <3 Music whooooohooo!~

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  1. AH, Nina, don't worry, you will someday see MiG. Just remember...never say never. Meanwhile, you have his music and his internets to keep up with him and his adventures! Keep the faith!


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