Saturday, February 2, 2013

Late for School

Champorado for breakfast. Fish for a meal. Hurrying to take a bath to make it on time.
I won't be in a blue skirt or a blue jumper this time. But I am going back to school.

I just hope I can still register.

As we merry Bridgetines sing along

From our laughing lips come a song

Which will rise and swell and mark the beat

Of the willing feet of our Master sweet

And our eyes will shine with love alone

Lamp of truth, strong and burning

From the light that’s yours St. Bridget

And the glory round your throne

So all Bridgetines sing

When the bells no longer chime

With arms linked and hearts linked

So let our life’s light shine

Forever and ever to the final sunset flame

Till the last great rolling echo

Is our dear St. Bridget’s name

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