Monday, July 18, 2011

To-do list fail & pay-outs

As of presstime, the money I got from FIRE has already turned into a pail that I would use for future laundry time, water refill and food. I tried to do the banana diet during the weekend. I would've been successful had the chicken place not accidentally put rice in my take-out. Who can resist free food? But I did get to clean my electric fan (note to self: still need to buy a new one since the one you have is superbly hard to clean) and finish Samurai Champloo. Boy, did I have some really nasty bloody dreams after that. T_T, And the ending was superbly anti-climactic. Rein told me that she was going to Cinemalaya and a bit later, she saw Mig Ayesa's aunt. I told her that she should tell the lady to tell Mig thanks for the shirt and the CDs. She was having fangirl by extention while I was in bed. But if I had money I would probably watch Cinemalaya movies too. (note to self: next year make sure to make time and enough money for them. June and July are movie time)

I am getting ticked off sometimes when people expect too much from me. And then blame me for things that aren't going well in any aspect of their lives. Like it's my fault that they are not good enough. I am not greater than them. I am not a machine. I am not their bestfriend. Those slots are full. I would have to endure them for the rest of my time here. But after this, we can communicate online. They can like stuff I post. But I wouldn't really forget them or miss them. I would be grateful but I would be relieved that I have new set of characters to bring to life.

I still haven't finished the video for the launching and I plan to polish it by Saturday. I need to remember to bring the installer for the vlc to install it on Lou's lappie. I also have the codex that she might need.

I just hope that the movie quality is not as bad as the others' video.


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