Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pinay really needs to find her INNER PEACE

I really make things worse sometimes. Often I apologizing for blowing up. I will try to work on my diplomacy skills. I think I can rant and rave on my other blog na lang if I want to expel my anger effectively. At least not everyone can get to that blog easily unless they are really willing to check out my thoughts. And if they read it there, it's my blog, they are tresspassing so they can't complain.

I am really glad people call me out when I am out of line. I guess I need to learn to be less carino brutal and more NOONA mode or big sister mode. I should unlearn how to be too harsh. I should expel my Dark side, my Sith mode.

But people should also try, just try, not to do stupid things on my watch. ^.^

Oh well. I need to learn, they need to learn, we all need to keep learning things that would lead us in the right direction.

I need to think that people are affected by what I say and that is my gift and curse. So I should be the adult. Hindi ko sila dapat sabayan. 

At Ninya wag kang mura ng mura. sabi nga ni Mary. 

I still have a lot of growing up to do. Gaining weight sana matigil na, growing up mentally, mga 20 year pa. I still think like a seven year old sometimes.

I am failing on my #2 and #24 on my 26 things to do on my 26th year.

Darn heck.

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