Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wants to move to Autumn

I remember that line in the movie 500 days of Summer? I want to move from Summer to Autumn. You might not get it but I am going to rant away anyway.

I am going to do my best to make sure my paperwork and identification is up-to-date so that I can move to a "season" where I don't have to feel the heat every few moments when they deem it's necessary to defrost us meatbags just because they are cutting back on the consumption fees.

I predict that the machinery would rise up against this injustice in a more precise manner. They would, unlike us meatbags, break down and just refuse to function at all. And that moolah saved up from the consumption fees would go to buying news equipment.

I am just going to let it all slide and think happy thoughts. I have one in particular that makes Dante's inferno bearable now.

I would rather sky-dive again than sit tight while I get either medium rare or snotty.

You ask if the WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS ONE'S HEALTH when you know perfectly well that they are screwing with use and making our lives "extra interesting". Give me the time I need to prepare. There would be one less mouth to feed.

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