Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Plans on How to Get SSS and TIN ID


If I don't have work on August 15th I will try to go to SSS main and get a schedule for my SSS ID photoshoot (photoshoot talaga eh noh?).

According to my officemate Ianne (special mention talaga), I need two things (these are the things he used)

1. Company ID (check)
2. E-1 (have one = need to unearth it hope it's not missing)
3. 300Php

He went there after shift (God bless the lack of traffic and he arrived there shortly) and he was able to get his schedule. He chose the afternoon schedule (still don't know til what time SSS main is open for this)

Regardless of the fact that there is a backlog of 600,000 IDs for those who could not get theirs since April 2010, I am glad that there would be a new kind of SSS ID, the multi-purpose one. 

My friend who have the older version (digitized) wants to know how to get this UMID version. But I hope that I could get my very first one as soon as possible. (wishful thingking since apparently it would take a year or so. need to research where I would get the actual I.D. when it's done)

Trying to register online for the my.sss but I don't know my employer ID number and the HR ladies are taking forever to arrive. T_T, I can't send my information because of the delay. Tsk.



I found out that RDO 47 is East Makati (understandable since I registered my eTIN when I was in PeopleSupport) I got the info of where office is. Still don't know what to bring and when to go or how to get the TIN ID. But I sent a query to the assistant district officer (via e-mail) and the same to the contact us email of the BIR website.

I hope they can point me in the right direction.

All I have now is the print out of the eTIN confirmation. I can't use that in banks. So I hope I can get it soon.


NBI clearance

According to my friend you can't renew the NBI clearance no more since there is some kinda new shit going down. So in Sept 12 or 13 I will try to process that crap. Good luck sana makuha ko un. My katukayo has a case. So it takes me a while to get my clearance. T_T,

I can't remember what I needed from before. Crap. 

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