Friday, July 22, 2011

When good men do nothing

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. - E.Burke

A "friend" of mine told me once that he got blamed for something that he didn't do. And he ended up having to make up for what that other person or other people did. I guess I have a warped sense of justice especially when it affects me directly. I don't care if he was being a gentleman about it, it's commendable in certain circumstances. I love him for being that way, maginoo pero mejo bastos. But there comes a time when gender should not be an issue in deciding to clear your name.

All we have is our dignity and we can also do so much to keep our name untarnished.

If we would let other people walk all over us and drag our name through the mud, then we not only let ourselves down but we drag all those who helped mold us to the person we are now, down.

It's safe to say my mom raised no fool. I might have been a liar for the greater part of my youth but now I use it to make actual fiction.

But if someone thought that I did something that caused other incovenience and it's not true. I would clear things up. Because I want to preserve the relationship that I had with that person. I would weight my options and see if the people whom I am covering for are actually worth it. If I don't see them being a part of my life in the next twenty years, they are not worth it. I lie for friends and cover for them all the time. But if they are not in the imagined future that I have, they are not worth a damn piece of fiction.

So if you think that being mum about who really did it for the common good is a great idea, then you are living in a communist bubble. The group would suffer for having the leeching, idiotic petty thieves that caused this whole shit.

What the younger generation should learn is that YOU need to own up to your mistakes. Because eventually, the truth will bite you in the ass and good luck trying to sit comfortably after that.

I hate it when others cover for others and get themselves in trouble. I hate it when the truth is kept when in fact it can be revealed and those who needs justice can get it.

So I hope those idiots who caused my friend to have to appear the antagonist in their school bukol remake should never meet me in person. Because I would personally rip her face off and make sure na wala na siyang mukhang ihaharap sa tao. 

*init ulo*  

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