Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hamonado Day

Sorry, but it was good. So I am blogging about it.

Let's be honest, most of us can put ourselves in the 7-11 generation. *No offense to the other convenient stores but this is just for the point of this topic.* We eat processed food every morning for breakfast or lunch or dinner or swing by when we need a quick meal before we go off for work/school/another place.

I have been a 7-11 dependent person for  while now. It's probably because I don't cook and have a raging addiction to Water Plus grape since a plurker told us about that. *Not even going to imagine how much of it I would hord if the notion of it's cancellation of production happens*

And I have broken my mom's tocino rule for a while now. And now the Hamonado. It's less than 29 pesos and I can match it up with water plus to get 59. I grab something else to get it to spike up to 60 *Kaskas card worthy* and I went to work awaiting my new addiction. The ate at the 7-11 has been getting my sleepy order for days now so I think she knows what I buy all the time. I had snapped at her mildly when there was only Bopis meals there. I refuse to eat bopis for dietary and memory purposes. I remember that I enabled Mark's bopis habit and that just reminds me that I was a lousy girlfriend during that time. Because if I really love a guy, I wouldn't let him eat things that would cause him to get sick. Ico would feel that WHEN I learn how to cook. ^.^

Rating for the Hamonado? Extra-Rice worthy. There are three round hamonados and they reminded me of the ham roll that I bought from one of my former members in E-Lamp. It was so yummy!~ It was sweet so if you don't like that skip this one.

Yes, I plan to eat it until I run out of stock and then some. You should try it just once. If you don't dig it, it's inexpensive enough to not care much about while you walk your way to the trash bin. give it to me.

I got hiccups trying to eat it all because I didn't want to throw any away. I will eat this for breakfast until I get tired of it.

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