Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make-up and Make-out

Postponing koidis is not my cuppa tea. But when there is no venue to propagate I am calm enough to be without it. In fact, I encourage it. It gives me more time to shape up for the adventure. I'll just think of it as an experiment on normal relationships. But the thing about ultimatums and celibacy is that they never work out or last. ^.^
So I will just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. ^.^

I am dead tired. And it's Monday. Sunday refreshed me and gave me a vital boost when it comes to Ico and me. My mom says my sister misses me and I can't quite go home since I am doing a lot of things these days and I have barely enough time to sleep. I hate to compare it but FIRE has a severely unreliable system compared to Dante's Inferno. There are paperworks in Dante's inferno that keeps everything in line and updated. Fire people haven't even figured out where is where when it comes to their references. I plan to fix it even before I leave for Necromancerville.

Just yesterday one of the midgets from Fire was talking about scriptures that didn't match with anything in the archives that I had. T_T, I had a rightful mental bitch fit because I prepared for classes ahead of time and hate it when I get blindsided like that. It's freaking irritating.

Well, I need to buy make-up. I need maskara. I need pressed powder - Garnier. I already have eye shadow and lipstick. I don't really like using blush since I am a mocha girl. *oo maitim na ako* I need a pick-me-up moment since I am going to stretch myself thin.

I am glad that Ne Sarang is going to focus on school and get this mind off distractions. I hope that would give me relative peace and would give him more time to mature into his role as the MANfriend and not just the boyfriend.


  1. I miss you, Sam... hayzt... TT__TT

  2. oooohhh makeup I love! For blush-on try revlon's beyond naturals line. I love my #430-- it's blush and bronzer in one! for mascara, I use revlon's beyond lengths or l'oreal's telescopic lengths mascara. I like revlon's though and have been using for more a year na. Pressed powder-- don't kill me but I am absolutely addicted to my revlon #030 photoready powder-- best investment!

  3. @Ate Joy: Pwede mo rin akong regaluhan ng make-up since Queen ka na jan sa work mo ehehe. 6 months and 27 days more or less to go ehhehe pupunta na akong Necromancerville.

  4. For mascara, try Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Got that and I got no regrets so far, looks natural. Yeah, this is me. I now wear makeup. I even did a makeup review coupla days ago. Who would've thought, right? Haha.

    Btw, finally found your active blog. Wala, aliw lang ngayon ko lang nakita eh. =P


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