Thursday, July 28, 2011

Teaching Korean Students about the BUG-OUT BAG

My students who live near the Han River were shocked because of the amount of flooding that happened yesterday. Images of Ondoy swim in my head and I dare only to read the words and not browse the pictures.

When I tell them that things like this are not unusual in the Philippines and Filipinos are tenacious enough to live through it every year, I think some of them looked at us in a slightly higher level. They can't imagine having to deal with landslides that take whole communities away and wash away lives, sully homes and drown vehicles.

When I told my student about the BUG OUT BAG *expression of the day* some of them were attentive, others said we are okay, we don't need that.

I had to stop imagining their bodies full of flood water or starving in a corner of a relief station. I just insisted that they look into having one and adjusting it based on how many people there are in their family.

It wouldn't hurt to have those inflatable life rafts at your home, as some of my plurk friends realized when Typhoon ONDOY hit our country. 

I hope some of them listen. At the very least, it might not be too late for some of them. Thirty-eight died as of presstime. I hope there won't be more.

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