Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's a Small Mall after all

I already knew he was back from the States. I saw him on the bus with his signature tattoos and white wife-beater (white sando) with a girl he would later identify. I would rather not name names. He is still his usual chatty self. I think this guy's chattiness is probably a match for mine. And I usually fall short just a little bit or a least my throat hurts more these days so I should be more careful not to bump into chatty friends.

You wouldn't think that I would find a friend in YUWIE. That is like a *hithole of pervs and whatnot actually. It was cloaking itself as a pay per whatever place. I tend to have this thing about being able to find an interesting person to talk to when I go to shady social sites. And Ryan was it for yuwie.

He told me his cousin was asking about me. I wondered if it was because of the ladies he mingled with I was the only one she met or maybe I was the one he would least likely to play with or hang with. I was single during that time but the aura we had was more of big bro and little sister.

Though he did give me a pinkandwhite VS undie and a pink VS perfume (it ran out) it doesn't mean much than him knowing I would be ticked if he actually pushed through with a joke we had before. I really don't like pink and I think I mentioned that the only pink stuff I own were either given to me or are stuff I can't give away (i.e. pink orgshirt)

I forgot to tell him I had a boyfriend now. We went on and on about friends, his escapades, etc. There were still a lot that he would probably be able to chat with me about but I had to go to my part time soon so I wrapped it up. I used the book I had to look for for my cousin as an excuse to go ahead. He's heading to Makati and the less I know about what he was gonna do there, the safer it is for me. ^.^ He talked about some girl's boyfriend who pissed him off and telling people all sorts of crap about him. I sincerely hope that idiot doesn't walk up to Ryan anytime soon.

I forgot to snap a picture of him looking like himself. I told him my plans for next year. I asked him if his place was finished. He said not yet. He told me that he doesn't have a facebook since there are a lot of people who are looking for him. I think when he said people he meant girls.

That guy is a magnet for crazies, *raises hand* *points to self*. But he's cool. It's like having a pervy big brother who can tell you stories about his life and you can both laugh about it. ^.^

Stay safe, Ry.

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