Friday, July 8, 2011

Money saving Blog : Must-read and apply

Okay, so since I have this insane amount of debt that I have to pay I have been literally on a what I can "kuracha" moment and I gave up writing time to earn additional funds. Though if I actually focused on writing, I could earn money that way, anyway, I need it now and so I opted to do the unthinkable, pick another shift at the diner so to speak. I will not elaborate but most of you might get the point.

But I noticed that because of it, I am actually spending more on food. Time that I should be spending sleeping are spent awake and being the bundle of nervous energy that I am, that requires fudang. I am going to try more cost effective techniques regarding this and I would have to gang up on the ladies I am with so that we can save money on NOT eating at Mang Inasal every chance we pass by one. T_T,

I saw this blog (a plurker's) because of the Hansel Premium selca craze they had. I read the article and as is my usual habit I tried to ignore the other articles that seem to threaten to talk about anything related to Math. ^.^ But I saw this one

Money Saving Tips For People Who Hate Saving Money

The was me with a capital M.E. 

So now I am reading the other articles like the envelope saving system and Pay yourself first
For now un muna. Then I will read the rest. ^.^

Feeling ko I'd have a hard time with the Pay Yourself First part. Since I have a different agenda for picking up another shift at the diner. It's more like Pay Off My Mommy Debt thing.  But I honestly want to save my own money dapat daw 25 pa lang sinumulan ko na or even earlier. T_T, But it's never too late.

Who knows? I might just learn more than I expected to read. Thanks fitz. ^.^ 



Other articles that I read so far. (monthly archives here)

Becoming Debt-Free Begins In The Mind

 I am not ready to be rich. For now the goal is to be debt-free.


Other articles I need to read: 

Enemies towards financial freedom

 Go self! 

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