Thursday, April 17, 2014


There are no words I can write that would be enough to show how sad this news is. I hope that the survivors will be fine. I hope that the media is not covering anything up. I hope that the missing passengers got out and will get rescued.

Please. Kpop fan or not. Kdrama fan or hater, it is our human obligation to offer at least one prayer for those who are there, those who are lost and those who have moved on to the Lord's welcoming arms.

Always there are heroes to be told. And there is a young man who was supposed to be enjoying his birthday in Jeju Island with his classmates to have a memory he would cherish for a lifetime. Instead he is dead. But the lives he saved would live on for him, would carry his bravery for him and tell the world, each and every person they encounter, that there was once a class president unlike any other, a chingu who was brave and would have made an upstanding member of society had it not be for April 15, 2014.

My deepest condolences and my prayers goes out to the people affected and the nation awashed in grief.
I hope politicians use this time to make their party seem better than the current administration's because people are definitely going to eat them alive if they did.

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