Friday, January 4, 2019

I fail at budgeting

I wonder how people budget their money to buy groceries.
I am terrible at this.

Should I make a list?
Should I not buy over my cash budget?
Should I not use my sup cc for this?

I should just be using about 500 for groceries and even after contemplating for things, I end up with 1,772.20 for my first one for 2019.

I actually bought a water container so that is about 469.75. I am living alone and I don't have a refrigerator. I want to put water in a safe place that gives me the option to add ice to it. Also if I am marketing vita juices this would come in handy. So I accept that is a big purchase this time.

I tried to not buy canned goods that were over 20php but that is hard to come by now especially because the one I like is 27php at least. I like Century Tuna because the others are really too fishy for my taste.

My grocery list was

1 Crab and Corn (I like this and I wanna try eating more soup. Since I don't know how to cook any from scratch I would have to buy them for now.)
Downy and Ariel liquid soap (I didn't buy the bottled ones because I can't carry it too heavy maybe next time)
1 small bottle of Zonrox color safe (it seemed better to buy in a bottle. This was lighter than the Downy and Ariel ones.)
1 pack of the seaweed flavor shake thingy for chicken (I plan to use the breading and the seaweed flavoring separately.)
A box of baking gloves (100 pieces - I need it for cooking and cleaning since I have to clean my apartment from time to time. I know this is single use plastic but I need it since I don't like rubber gloves at all.)
A bunch of beef loaf, meat loaf, sardines, and corned beef (they were the ones with cheaper than 20php canned goods)
2 regular sized Century Tuna Flakes in Oil (emergency food provision)
2 regular sized Hunt's pork and Beans (emergency food provision)
1 small bottle of fish sauce, soysauce and cooking oil
1 Hunt's tomato ketchup (I chose the bottle that is plastic since it looks refillable to me.)
1 small bottle of Head and Shoulders Lemon
1 small refill for Johnson's liquid soap
1 small can of Jolly mushroom (I wanna try out if I like mushrooms that I cook. I don't have a problem with other people's mushroom dishes. I had to resist buying sauce to go with this. I will just look for a recipe that uses soy sauce with mushrooms. I also saw shitake mushrooms in a can. I will get around to that when I learn how to cook regular mushrooms.)
1 set of plastic reusable food containers (the glass ones are heavy and expensive but I will buy them next time)
1 bag of cheese cake (for emergency breakfast and snacking at work)
1 small plastic container of strawberry stick-o (for snacking at work)
1 ecobag (I forgot mine, I know it's my fault.)

I am going to get whacked when the bill comes out again so I should make sure to use them well.
I still have a bunch of stuff I really need to buy.

A induction oven ready POT. I will buy one that can cook pasta so that I wouldn't need to buy a small one and a large one. I should be able to cook some stuff with that and the pan that I already have. I would only make these big purchases for January then not make anymore for the rest of the year. I want to make sure that I can handle all the cooking I want to do.

I also need two trash containers. One for daily trash and one for recyclables. I should buy a big one and a small one and get some bio-plastics or keep all the paper bags that I encounter in my daily life.
I can't do the stuff that eco-friendly folks do and I am not going to even attempt to go that extreme. But I already have a reusable straw from my office-mate and that seems like a good place to start. I would need to get a thermal travel tumbler later on. I will ask the universe to send me one through other people.

I also want to buy clothes. One per paycheck if possible. I really don't have any decent clothes that I picked out. Almost all my clothes look like they are something my mom would wear because literally since I got fatter, I only had clothes from her "bin" since I hate shopping. They are economical and useful but not at all a reflection of my personality. I like green and solid clothes. I also need some clothes for exercising. I wouldn't mind spending more than usual because from my experience when I buy cheap stuff, they don't last for a very long time. And I have to buy yet another cheap one. It's okay for pajamas but for everyday and work clothes, it is really not a good thing.

I will update you if I ever learn any budgeting stuff on my own.
If you have any tips to give me, let me know.

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