Sunday, March 4, 2012

Justice for Rochel “Cesil” Geronda

What kind of animal would do this?
That was the first thing that ran in my mind.
Then I thought, what was that slimy mayor doing about these?
Two young women's lives, TWO GREAT MOTIVATING GOOD GIRLS were killed, robbed of life and dignity. What the hell is happening with the crime rate over there?

Still, it's heart-breaking. She was probably one of the many sampaguita kids I gave a pack of cookies to. (I don't give money or buy anything.) I hope justice is served with this case as well.

“With the grim images of the recent rape and murder of a UPLB student still fresh in our minds, another disturbing incident happened to a younger student of Los Baños. In the morning of February 29, 2012, Rochel “Cesil” Geronda, a 14-year-old second year high school student of Los Baños National High School was found dead along a bushy pathway near their home in Sitio Riverside, Barangay Batong Malake. Her body was found by her brother-in-law without her underwear on and her jogging pants tied around her neck. Her parents believe that she was hit by a hard object on the head.

Aside from being a good daughter who was helping her parents with finances from selling sampaguita garlands every night around Grove St, Cesil also served as a motivator to her friends by encouraging them to do well in school despite their socio-economic situation. With this unwavering dedication in her studies, she was a consistent scholar of the “Off the Street, On to School” program of the UPLB Gabay Volunteer Corps and Kairos Band. Her mother remembered her saying that she wanted to send herself to college and eventually uplift their family’s economic condition. She believed that by being determined, somebody will help her to pursue her dreams.

Cesil may not be able to fulfill her dreams now, but we can still help her by bringing justice to her. Two dreams have already been shattered, a third helpless, innocent soul will be too much. Catching and convicting the culprit is never enough, it is the very social condition that creates such a culture of selfish and merciless actions that has to be addressed. As UP students, it is our inherent responsibility to be in the forefront of the call for social action.

It is high time that we act now. Everybody is encouraged to wear white and join the Indignation Rally on Tuesday, March 06, 2012, 4pm, at Carabao Park, UPLB. We condemn the crime done to Cesil. We call on the authorities to hasten with the investigation. We call on the government officials to develop efficient security programs and improve the existing ones.”

Indignation rally for Cesil


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