Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Reina

What I love about her would not fit in a blog.

She was the adventure that I never thought I would have in UPLB. And it's funny since she started a group of anti-fans with a group of other people who now, a decade or so later are still my friends, nay, my soul mates.

Simply she is our glue. When she is here, we gravitate towards her. She is the Queen to say it plainly, and we all know that what the Queen wants, must be given.

She took our advice and took some time to step out of her comfort zone for a while. To try to be single for a little bit. I am happy to find that she found a part of who she lost after sharing so much of herself with others who may or may not have taken too big a chunk and left her worse for wear.

I love her. So much that the word is beyond that of a sister. She is family. I love her humility at the face of elders but I love her fashionable take on life. I admire her for the many things that she can do, cooking one of the many talents I am never going to learn let alone master. Her creativity flows from her mouth, spills into her wardrobe and lands at the tip of her fingers tapping away at keys on a keyboard. It radiates from her photos and amazes you in her reinaisms.

We are 28, me soon to be more than that. And I wish for her a lot of things. But as always I wish for her LOVE. More of it to keep her from feeling cold and more of it to balance her heart.

I will always be a fan of whatever wild idea she would drag me to do. I think if I didn't meet her and her mom during registration and I didn't have her in my life, college would have been dull, I would have less friends and people will still hate my arrogant loud guts. *Some still do but I don't give a rodent's hindparts*

For all the things that make you unique
For all the things that we love about you and makes you tick
For all the things that you wish to have
For all the love that we hope for you 
For all the adventures you have yet to do
For all the times we had, may they never fade
For all the tears and laughter we shared
For all these things and more, I thank you 
For all the sparkles and shadows in you, I cherish it. 
On this day, I thank the Lord. 
For all that is you.


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